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Oliver Marson releases latest single Time for Love: A dark, mysterious and enticing piece

Oliver Marson has released his recent single ‘Time for Love’, combining Pop, Rock and Synth-Pop to create this peculiar mysterious track.

Starting off with them synthesised style sounds giving it that real 80’s synth-pop feel. Focusing on important topics and giving them a meaning through his dark ways. As a listener it does leave you feeling curious and full of suspense.

Pulling similarities from those such as David Bowie really getting to grips with that throwback sound and just how unique it is. The vocals are soft, low and chilling to listen to, then when the instrumentation comes in with a light drum beat as the hits begin to bounce off and get louder and louder each time. Then you’re taken by surprise as the insane shreds on the electric guitar begin to pierce through the vocals.

Such an incredible piece of music, bringing in an array of genres that may be seen as controversial but completely nailing it. You must check out Oliver Marson’s new single for all your Rock, Pop and Synth-Pop needs.

Listen to Oliver Marson’s Time for Love by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall