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For sweet Mary: Jade Moede sends special love message to his wife on ‘Second To None’

Showing unwavering love to his special wife Mary on Valentines Day, Jade Moede is quite excellent on his new sweetly-textured single called ‘Second To None‘.

The authentically real New England, USA-based indie rock/blues singer-songwriter and visual artist Jade Moede, is that special soul, that spread his wings in this stunning song and shows his romantic side with a special track to mark a day that so many treasure, as cupid’s time to shine.

He makes that crisply toasted warm and tasty music, that lathers a spread of calm and pureness on your slice of breakfast in bed, to leave you in no doubt, that music with meaning is the still the best feeling in the world.

His voice grips your attention like a car stuck to the road, as he presses the throttle down with a terrific display of soundscapes, that takes you to places you can’t stop smiling about. Here is a man who sings with that tone you can’t forget, the energy is catchy and a delight of you inner senses.

Second To None‘ from New England’s singer/artist Jade Moede, sends butterfly kisses throughout this wonderfully rare piece of love that soars above all and shows his compassionate side, on such a classy track.

When you care about someone so much, to show it to the world in a great song, is the ultimate sign of romance.

Hear this wonderfully creative single on Spotify and see his visions on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen