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We Need More: Chicago Alt-Rock act The Relevant hope that we can fix up the mess on ‘Truth Is Gone’

With an emotionally stimulating edge and featuring flourishing vocals backed with riveting riffs, The Relevant are back into our excited hearts and wonder why the ‘Truth Is Gone‘.

The Relevant is a full-paced Chicago-based indie Alt-Rock band who make music to heal the soul and help others to find their smile again.

This ensemble of hardline musicians is committed to capturing the essence of music at its core.” ~ The Relevant

You feel their impressive storytelling come to the fore as they sing about life’s struggles, social injustice and love endeavors, with an honest tone that has you closing your eyes and imagining the world in a simpler form. There is much to admire about their atmospheric energy which seems to have you floating into the sky above, to find a better place that is away from any messy drama.

Truth Is Gone‘ from the Chicago-based Alt-Rock act The Relevant, is a highly passionate track filled with scintillating soundscapes that has you feeling so wildly reflective, as you wonder what has happened to this rather strange world we live in. Made with a tremendously delightful complexion and featuring an uplifting energy, this is a stunning single that will have you thinking much deeper than before.

Hear this terrific track on Spotify and see more news via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen