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Tecoby Hines appreciates those soul-healing warm moments in nature on ‘Days Under Sun’

Placing his faith in the good energies above to take care of his caring soul always, Tecoby Hines knows he is headed in the right direction as he hopes to keep those close who mean most to him on ‘Days Under Sun‘.

Tecoby Hines is a North Carolina-based Hip hop artist and poet who first started his music journey in the school choir and has never looked back.

I tend to isolate myself to find direction, gain my confidence and laser my focus.” ~ Tecoby Hines

Releasing a memoir to the world that needs to be cherished for its incredible serenity, Tecoby Hines is a rising storyteller who possesses a rare greatness that is understated and laden with true class.

I just thought my life was to be a good dude and to hoop.” ~ Tecoby Hines

Days Under Sun‘ from North Carolina-based indie Hip hop artist/poet Tecoby Hines is one of the most tranquil songs around and is performed with such insight from a deep soul. He flows with a sublime technique and there is so much to swim into here – from an artist who is only elevating his mindset – above the pollution-packed noise that serves no purpose. Plastered with a healthy message that has you suddenly thoughtful and feeling rather nostalgic, this is a single that will get you into a much better place of calming wonder.

When you get yourself into that right frame of mind, anything is possible.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Just Want A Meal: Library Trap know that they need to get things done on ‘Borrowed Time’

Following the underground success of their first single ‘Murakami‘, Library Trap open up the creaking door to see if it is all actually real outside with their latest jam named ‘Borrowed Time‘.

Five-piece hip-hop collaboration act Library Trap, is a group who were formed back at school when they were just sixteen years young. With a fresh-faced attitude and hungry lip-licking zest for making true music which is different to the plastic norm, they give off a radiant air of creativity, which is such a blessing to our tired ears.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely slowed down their collaborative work. However, the time spent was used to refine their skills and help further enhance and push their sound.” ~ Library Trap

The busty beat here stretches your vivid imagination like a rubber band, as you are drawn quickly into the complex layers which web over the track like a skilled spider in his prime. They push the boundaries all throughout this bouncy produced gem and this is a track you haven’t heard before – as they take us on a journey through what they have seen – during this horrific pandemic-riddled mess of a is-this-really-happening world.

Borrowed Time‘ from the youthfully exuberant five-piece hip-hop act Library Trap, has our eyes peeled on our watches to find a way out of this maze before dinner – to make sure you catch your manifested dreams – before they sneeze away into the sun-lit sky as a forgotten memory. With a supremely creative body of work already, these talented artists skin up a real reason to get excited about their original output.

Time is short in life after all, so wasting efforts on nothingness is fools gold.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen