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Denmark’s Jacob Munk Nielsen gets us in the mood to groove on, ‘Behind The Scene’

Behind The Scene by Jacob Munk Nielsen

Displaying a silky smooth atmosphere that will have you thinking you are in a 60s movie for a few minutes, Jacob Munk Nielsen returns with a lesson for all those who want to know what good sax should sound like on, ‘Behind The Scene‘.

Jacob Munk Nielsen is a Denmark-based saxophone player, composer and music teacher who has the kind of experience that makes his music flow through the streams of our ears with true class.

He has amongst others worked with The Nazarenes, Roots Harmonics Band, Earl Sixteen, Lutan Fyah, Miami and UPS.” ~ Jacob Munk Nielsen

You will feel like you are in an optimistic place when you turn up Jacob Munk Nielsen as his skill level is rather advanced to most, as he showcases it at a wonderful level of enjoyment throughout this calming release.

Jacob Munk Nielsen comes from a musically family, where music was a big part of everyday life in his family. At a young age, he started playing the recorder and after a short ‘encounter ‘with the trumpet, he moved to the alto saxophone and right away felt at home on the instrument.” ~ Jacob Munk Nielsen

Behind The Scene‘ from Denmark-based saxophone player, composer and music teacher Jacob Munk Nielsen is such a fabulous single that might take you to a more tranquil place of inner reflection. With a smooth jazz style that has been skillfully fused with a kind vibe that has you smiling rather cheerfully, this is a track to make everything okay again. There is so much to wrap into here as you close your eyes, and marvel at an artist who just makes good music.

Listen to this great at work on Bandcamp to support his journey and see more on his FB page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

TwoSeven, LXT and Brendan Mills join up to a formidable winner summer electro groove soundtrack with ”Alone”

10 year vet, UK producer TwoSeven joins up with a summer hammer music throw Olympic Gold Medal Team as LXT and Brendan Mills connect on dreamy-electro sax-infused summer jam to groove your body all day, ”Alone”. Have you ever been with someone and you keep on breaking up but also can’t get enough of each other?

After bringing out an absolute gem with Piers James on ”Sunshine”, this much-anticipated track does wonders for the heart. I am imagining being with mates and loved ones partying with this one. This has summer anthem written all over with the masterful Brendan Mills on sax that lifts this soundtrack to high-flying views here on a song most of us can relate to on ”Alone”.

Mixed full with songwriter and vocalist LXT, this is a wonderfully constructed song. I love the whole format and the three artists from the UK work like a powerhouse team.

Stream this song right now on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jimmy Theo returns with lyric video for ”The End Of Time” ft Dave Lewis on Sax

Australian born singer-songwriter Jimmy Theo is back with new music and he brings Dave Lewis with him to add the smooth sounds of his saxophone for ”The End Of Time”. This is a love song from Jimmy and he shows his heartfelt feelings about the love of his life. A sweet song in the current world pandemic life that we all face, this is a very chilled track that should have us all remembering the good times.

The youthful UK based performer is in inspired form and brings a message of unconditional love with him during these dark times. A welcome break from protests and negative vibes indeed.

Jimmy Theo from Australia takes us on a journey of love in ”The End Of Time”. He craves the touch and affection of his partner and just wants to be next to her. A young artist who will improve with each song, this is a sterling effort. The added sax blends in the song perfectly and this will be a romantic song for all ages.

Get more Jimmy Theo in your life via his YouTube channel and admire the musicianship.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alex Nekrasov – Miss Grey: Sax-Led Ambient New Age Jazz Rock

Soundscapes don’t come much more amorously arrestive than Denver-based saxophonist and producer Alex Nekrasov’s latest instrumental single “Miss Grey”.

In the captivating layers of Miss Grey, you’ll find futuristic electronic Pop beats under the sensuously hypnotic alto sax and guitar solos which unravel with a fair serving of theatrically expressive magnetism.

Miss Grey may fall into the realm of Ambient New Age Jazz Rock, but once you’ve hit play on Alex Nekrasov’s latest release, you can expect the entirety of your consciousness to be consumed by this euphorically elevating single.

You can check out the official music video to Miss Grey which premiered on March 20th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Paul Moody And The Revelators Release Smashing Track ‘Losing My Mind’

Using a variety of ear pleasing instrumentals, from the saxophone to the trombone all the way through to the string family, it is Paul Moody’s charming vocals that steals the show. A sound originating from a folk and roots style, Paul Moody and the Revelators deliver a classic in their brand-new release “Losing My Mind”, a song that highlights elements of nostalgia, comfort and general music satisfaction.

“Losing My Mind” greets us with a friendly guitar strum, and as the introduction progresses the beating drum follows with an elegant piano, along with Paul Moody’s warm-hearted vocals, completely owning the vibrant atmosphere of the track. The meaning behind the lyrics is actually quite tragic, “And this cheap cocaine doesn’t do shit/It just numbs the depression a bit/And in the morning it’s all gonna hit/Oh oh I’m fine/But I think I’m losing my mind”. What Paul Moody and the Revelators so cleverly portray, is the reality behind everyday life. We may pretend to continue with our day-to-day duties with a content and cheery attitude, but most of the time we are concealing our misery. “Losing My Mind” puts an ambiguous spin on what the song really means, and what is so conspicuous about the track is the confusion it reiterates between the vocals and the melody.

-Aly McHugh