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Booty On You: Elite Los Angeles artist Shevy O’Shea knows what he likes on ‘#RihannaMove’

With a stacked rack full of oozing charm and smoothly tipped vocals to get the attention of everyone in the room, Shevy O’Shea reminds us why he needs to be talked about more with one of the most stimulating tracks you will hear all year with ‘#RihannaMove‘.

Shevy O’Shea is a Santiago, Dominican Republic-born, Chicago, USA-raised, Los Angeles, California-based indie soul, RnB, pop and Afro-beats fused future superstar, and multi-instrumentalist. He makes an array of dance-happy music that has many speaking his name in high esteem – as someone who will be features in massive music festivals all over the world – when they are allowed again.

He earned a scholarship to study biology, hoping to become a surgeon, but a series of unlucky events forced him to drop out of school. It became clear to Shevy that if he were to attain the success he longed for, music was the only way to go.” – Shevy O’Shea

With a sexy beat and heart-stopping lyrics that lets you know that he means business, you feel an air of calm when you listen to a talent like this. Everything is effortless and he is to the point – not wasting time with foreplay – and gets straight down to business with a heat-filled track, that lets you know that he likes what he sees and wants it for himself now.

#RihannaMove‘ from Los Angeles-based fast-riser Shevy O’Shea, is a body slider of the highest order. He sings with such passionate gusto and you feel his self-belief all over this wonderful new single, that has almost claimed one million Spotify streams already. This is a song that has you taking off those self-doubts and throwing them to the floor – right where you get into the groove –  and party the night away with this supreme effort right at the top of your playlist.

Stream this steamy new single on Spotify and see more from his exciting life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Update your alt-rock playlists with The Soundwave Club’s latest single, The Letter, featuring Dirty Picks

If Chris Cornell picked up a few more pop-punk sensibilities for Soundgarden’s single, ‘Rusty Cage’, it would have run in the same vein as The Soundwave Club’s sophomore single, The Letter, featuring Dirty Picks.

With infectiously melodic hooks that are sharp enough to catch in your throat and the 00s-style alt-rock vocals that are reminiscent of Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Creed and Three Days Grace, The Letter carries all of the hallmarks of an anthemic alt-rock playlist staple.

The Soundwave Club formed in 2020 during the pandemic when the life-long Santiago-hailing friends Erick Molina and Irene Rodriguez jammed and started to write and release their own material with the help of session musicians.

The Letter is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


DJ drop this sound: Patiotic and Ramon Sanz have us dancing again in a ‘Hazy Maze’

With a wealth of wondrous sounds to heal our broken dreams, Patiotic and Ramon Sanz lift us up into an alternate universe on ‘Hazy Maze‘.

Patiotic is a marvelous multi-instrumentalist/producer from Santiago, Chile and has joined for forces with the quality talent of Ramon Sanz, who is a Zaragoza, Spain-based saxophonist and director of the Municipal School of Music of Calatayud.

The story of looking up above and seeing that there is more out there after a great night out, where the DJ improved your mood with a song that really had you thinking twice, the soaring energies were so translucent you thought you might be hallucinating.

This catchy beat has you nodding your head quickly, you imagine being around humans again and imagine jumping around in a daze of euphoria, that stimulates all parts of your body with reckless abandon.

Hazy Maze‘ from world class artists Patiotic from Chile and Ramon Sanz from Spain, connects the world with a sumptuous display of space-bound club feels, in a tremendous song that raises the bar and makes you feel like there is hope on the way, after these dark times of self-doubt and heartbreak.

Stream this quality soundscape on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen