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So Focused: San Jose music producer and rapper CRAIG knows where he needs to go on ‘Can’t Let You In’

Taken off his brand new debut project called ‘Done Waiting‘, CRAIG feels like he is ready for so much more as he dusts off those who don’t believe in him enough with ‘Can’t Let You In‘.

CRAIG aka Craig Elliot, is a fiercely original San Jose, California-based indie Hip-Hop music producer, Oregon State University student and singer-songwriter. He makes all of his wizard-like creations purely by hand, without using samples from other tracks.

Music has impacted my life greatly and I don’t know where I would be without it.” ~ CRAIG

You feel his air of rapidly evolving determination next to you closely, as each word he spits feels so honest. There is no flash here, no bling and no fake, only truthful verses that feel raw and powerfully written. This is the start of a journey which opens your eyes wide – to a skilled artist who is only interested in getting better and better – leaving the party night hangovers to others who want to escape reality.

Can’t Let You In‘ from the San Jose, California-based indie Hip-Hop music producer and musician CRAIG, is the I-am-ready-now mission from a truly focused artist. He is on a plane upwards and only wants to reach those stars up above, as he doesn’t want to live a regret-filled life. The way he is thinking now is so different than most, as he refuses to let anyone in who isn’t in this for the same reasons he is. Its lonely work most of the time – but when you realize what you really want – different doors seem to open up automatically.

With a mindset like this, being heard shall be be much easier than before.

Hear this deep new track on Spotify and check out his IG channel for more vibes.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She Keeps It Real: Los Angeles rapper Ali Elohim loves how she moves on ‘One of a Kind’

After the success of his first single ‘ICE‘, Ali Elohim returns with a mood-relaxing track all about meeting someone quite incredible, who has you going out of your way as you feel like you have met the most loyal woman in the world with ‘One of a Kind‘.

Ali Elohim is a Los Angeles, California-based indie trap artist. He makes a catchy blend of modern soundscapes which are formulated from his true soul, as his peaceful mixture combines just right into your mind like a happy meal.

Originally hailing from San Jose, Ali now resides in Los Angeles, CA where he rebranded and started fresh after changing his music style and overall aesthetic in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in September 2020.” ~ Ali Elohim

With a totally smooth voice that has your head nodding super slowly, you feel his vivid picture of the girl who he can’t stop thinking about. In his glowing eyes, she is like a beautiful mermaid who has come up to help him grow and be the best version of himself possible. The soothing beat has you in a glorious groove, with touching lyrics showing someone who is in the romantic zone of heartfelt love.

Here to burn, not flicker.” ~ Ali Elohim

One of a Kind‘ from the Los Angeles, California-based indie trap rapper Ali Elohim, is a sizzling-with-love new single which has your delighted heart shining so brightly as you kiss so passionately. This is the loved up release we needed to hear, which is all about that moment when you meet someone so special – while she has you in a gaze of permanent smiles – that can’t be washed away. Made with a cheeky glance and a bless-filled look up above as you appreciate this moment and are so grateful, that someone so special has entered your life.

When you meet that soulmate, you just know and should never let them go.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Lonely Pandemic: K.F.M. drops reflectively real six-track EDM EP all about the ‘Exile’

With an ominously intriguing edge infused deeply inside his mysterious electronically flavored music, K.F.M. shares our frustrations of these wild locked inside times, with his new cinematic six-track EP release called ‘Exile‘.

Kevin Moses aka K.F.M. is a thriving San Jose, California-born, San Francisco-based producer, sound engineer and film student, with a deep feel to him as he makes music about current times, carefully exploring the heartfelt sensations born from isolation and being forced inside, due to this horrific pandemic.

It feels like you are in a different dimension on this fascinating release, as you somehow float above and look down to all the sadness and loneliness everywhere. Each song is flawless with no fillers, instead you feel like you are in a movie – each second feels drawn out and electric – the smooth bass grabs you with the background haunts incredibly evolving, before your very ears.

This is the story about being inside for too long, as you miss those care-free days of doing what you like, seeing who you want to and having almost no restrictions. Eventually the frustration boils over and you need to fly free again, the urge to venture far and wide takes over.

Exile‘ from the superb Cali/San Fran producer K.F.M. is a true tale of how through his film class lessons via Zoom, he created an incredible symbol of expression through his chill and downtempo lathering of goodness, for a fragile heart that is looking for healing.

Luckily, through music we can all find solace and this is a more-than-worthy listen to all of us that miss those hugs and the real human connection, flowing lovingly into our sensitive souls.

Stream this new EP on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

San Jose Hardcore Rockers Dead Engine kick the door down and drop 2020’s them track ‘Broken’

San Jose, California Hard Rock band Dead Engine bring us the years theme song with the new single called ‘Broken‘.

The thunderous thump of a start slaps everything else in its path away like a pesky fly. The band smash in with a sound that so many love and so many absolutely hate. While they might split opinion, you have to appreciate the musicianship here as they don’t leave anything left in the locker when they morph into an act that want to make as much quality noise as humanly possible.

With an electric guitar that bursts your eardrums, this is a truly honest picture of the world right now from their eyes. The self-aware act turn up the heat on what has been a cooking year that has overheated even the most sensible mind. I love how this stomps the yard down and brings through a rugged sound that is ominous and so raw, there is no skin left.

The shredding vocals power in and gives your mood a real lift with a song that pretty much sums up the the year. The world is really broken and needs forward thinking leaders that can see through the money and actually help its community.

Broken‘ from San Jose band Dead Engine shows the desperate nature that so many people are in right now. We need to move on with our lives but money is really low and its forcing us to do things we wouldn’t normally do. If you can’t re-invent yourself and find new streams of income, things are going to get desperate and that spells danger.

Turn this up real loud on YouTube and see the social story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen