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Never Lose The Moment: Jane’s Awake bring us a reflective single to remember on ‘Hold On’

As you keep those memories deep inside you so you never forget them ever, Jane’s Awake brings us a wonderful new single with artists from all over the world that came together remotely called ‘Hold On‘.

Jane’s Awake is a new project lead by indie singer-songwriter/producer Nick Sheppard. He formed this fantastic movement during the current pandemic, with the aim of bringing musicians together from all over the world during these tough times.

Nick says: “’Hold On’ is a song for anyone who has seen a loved one suffer or, indeed, has suffered themselves. It’s a song of both desperation and hope, which is why I wanted it to be the first single.”

She sings so beautifully, as you think of all those moments that you let go before. You vow to never let that happened again and marvel at the stunning music in your ears. The soundscape feels like its floating right above you, and you feel so much calmer inside your healing heart.

Hold On‘ from Jane’s Awake, is a truly International project with features from Brazil, Jamaica, Germany and the USA, which spreads goodwill during a time of deep misery and sadness for so many. This is a sad song that will touch your heart deeply, so that you may regain hope that was lost before.

Stream this peaceful new single on Spotify and see her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Truitt’s Demos returns with a sad story about suicide on ”Shining Over You”

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada is the home for singer-songwriter Brent Truitt. He performs under the name of Truitt’s Demos and the new song is the very sad track called ”Shining Over You”.

This new release is all about a close person in Brent’s life that unfortunately passed away due to suicide which is so tragic. ”Shining Over You” is an indie-folk track that speaks about the feeling that Brent has about this and how hard it is. He understands that the mind was made up but that it is so hard to cope with.

The Canadian singer-songwriter Truitt’s Demos sings with heart and lots of soul. He has a signature style and speaks so well on such an important topic. The guitar riffs are electric and played with intricate skills on such a sad topic.

Shining Over You” is the new song by Truitt’s Demos and this is a well-done track that gives a fond farewell to the close family member in such sad circumstances.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kentucky R&B artist Faif deals with more loss on well-received video ”Fallen Tears”

Kentucky’s 2019 R&B Artist of The Year, Faif has been gaining much momentum in the music industry in the US. Although the vibrant artist with a great voice is capable of writing hook packed, party jams, his latest single strikes a sad topic. He reminisces about lost friends, addressing them by name as he struggles to reconcile with his grief. Teaming up with Dantana Smith (cultivating_perception) Faif brings his fourth single produced by Siahonthebeats titled “Fallen Tears”.

This is a fantastic song laced with such sadness and Faif strides forward with so much purpose. The R&B artist sends a fabulous tribute to those that have lost their lives. He expresses the grief in such a classy way and must be applauded for such class during a troubling time.

Fallen Tears” is a moment of respect for the people in Faif’s life that have been sadly lost and this is a sad song with real meaning. It’s a mark to the man that he put this song out to celebrate their lives.

Stream the video here on YouTube.

Check out more from this R&B stud on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Save Me” from Dane Blake (feat. Marcello) is a call for forgiveness

There comes a time when sometimes you reach the point of no return. Your soul is hurt and you have just had enough. Too many nights spent at the club or local bar can take it’s toll. We all need to refresh before it all escalates.

This is a roller coaster of a song and it’s well executed by this singer-songwriter from the USA who has just put out a call for help. Can he forgive himself and move on?

Questioning all of his beliefs, the determined talent that is Dane Blake takes us into his tortured mind with ”Save Me”. He is desperately losing control and really needs help as his soul is burning. A man who sings to us about losing his way, a moment that none of us want to deal with but fear that we unfortunately will. Dane roars his way through the song and the the beat is slow and steady, building all the time as to let us know that this is going to be a passionate track. Thus it is. I feel like swaying by body around and my mood is reflective and thinking of the past, with mostly regret. Towards the end of the song I do feel hope and I guess that is what life is. Lots of ups and lots of downs.

Stream more from this passionate musician right here on his growing Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen