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Sacramento rapper Lazy Bonez brings crew together on good vibes with Tryna Chill ft Cash & Origami

Lazy Bonez blazes in with mellow Californian summer Hip Hop track with ”Tryna Chill” ft Cash & Origami on production. This is perfect for those hot summer days and nights. It’s a song for all occasions.

Sacramento, California is the home of this 420 friendly new school rapper. Inspired by the fine skills of J Cole, Lazy Bonez is on top form here. The beat feels like I’m floating in a bubble like a happy soul. He just wants to smoke, chill and take it easy for a bit from this crazy world.

Tryna Chill” it mainly started as a freestyle when he was chillin’ with his homies Cash and Jay. Xcvii who produces some of Lazy’s beats decided to rap. This is the first ever song he recorded and this has inspired him to make much more music. The bug is in and I have a feeling we will be hearing much more from this rapper with soul.

Stream this 420 friendly track on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


”Cla$$ic” from Henny Holyfield is his breakthrough Hip Hop track

Indie emcee Henny Holyfield is from Fairfield, California and he reps his hood in style with ”Cla$$ic”.

Father, Chef, Emcee, Optimist. Life is meant to be enjoyed. That is the main message of Henny Holyfield’s music. He tells it how it is and we need to appreciate that. Fake rappers are slowly starting get it and musicians like this only amplify’s that notion.

Taken of his latest album called ”Clocked In”, this is a fire song that has a consistent flow that ultimately shows this artists mad skills. I like the Hopsin shout out too. After 500+ shows, this top shelf rapper shows his pen skills with a masterful performance where his experience shows with his vivid storytelling.

The Sacramento based rapper Henny Holyfield rolls in with ”Cla$$ic” that is designed to be played late at night while cruising around with friends. This is real Hip Hop that is not watered down. Long may this kind of music prevail.

Stream this hot new track from this rising rapper on Spotify.

Find out more about this emcee on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


GTD Kari rolls in with fiery flow on ”Like Mike”

The underrated GTD Kari is back in a big way and the young emcee rips in with ”Like Mike”.

Like Mike” from GTD Kari is all about how life is crazy right now for this underground rapper from Sacramento in California. He comes in with finesse on this new single that has a massive freestyle flow that showcase this emcee’s brooding lyrical ability. The consistent flow is refreshing and he is rapping in his own style. This has a 90’s feel fused in with the new school.

US rapper GTD Kari ciphers in with a confident swagger, his music is thoughtful and you can tell that he is original. With so many rappers copying one another, this is dope track that is a true story of trying to make it in this music game. Surviving the hood too. ”Like Mike” from GTD Kari is track that deserves a listen due to the tight flow and real message.

Check out the previous release GTD Kari Ft Lul Jody- Gleeked Up.

Head to his Spotify page.

Click here to check out his Insta page.

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”Miniature Cyclops” from California Punk band Dads Under Where rock in with eccentric release

Dads Under Where is a psychedelic rock band from Sacramento with punk, grunge, and math rock influences featuring manic theatrics that uncovers your inner rock n’ roller. ”Miniature Cyclops” .

The Californian 3-piece full of long shaggy hair and gritty guitar riffs, ice up with some gruff vocals illuminates the speakers. ”Miniature Cyclops” is a very eccentric song full of old school 90’s punk rock sounds. That era was a real top shelf time to be listening to this type of music. Dads Under Where would of fitted in well during this time as their music is fantastic.

With drums, vocals and guitar being the centerpieces here, the Sacramento outfit slam in sliding on the greasy dance floor. Dads Under Where bring back the fun of punk rock with a raving set up drums to set up the mood splendidly on ”Miniature Cyclops”.

Stream this new rocking track here on their Spotify music channel.

Check out the band’s Facebook page to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


”Crossfire” is the incredible story of Sacramento Songwriter Morgalily’s 2nd chance

Indie Alt Pop/EDM artist Morgalily, has an absolutely terrifying real story to tell on her latest track, the stunningly delivered moody blues single ”Crossfire”. Trying to get your head around all the potential outcomes of almost being shot in a crossfire, must of been a real mind bender but luckily through music, she is able to express her story and pain at the same time. Music heals all wounds.

Based in sunny Sacramento, California in the USA, Morgalily has her 2nd chance and fully intends to make full use of it. Realizing that some friends aren’t really friends must of been a huge wake-up call and this song is full of darkness, sadness and reality.

”Crossfire” is Dark Indie Blues Rock at its finest with Morgalily’s gorgeous voice and a song that is so well put together. She doesn’t try to sing too high and everything is so natural. The vocals are crystal clear here, much like her 2019 Indie Folk track Peppermint Gold.

Morgalily has the world at her feet and I’m sure we will see an inspired artist who will grab her chance to see the sun rise again. Life is a wild journey and this song brought home some home truths. We all need to be careful about what friends we keep as ultimately, they reflect us.

Hear this fantastic song right here on SoundCloud.


Sacramento’s ‘Die Criminal’ Alt Rocks kicks down the door with catchy ‘’On My Own’’ ft Dan Marsala

I’m done/ Biting my own tongue / These words need to be said and my mouth is full of blood. Quite a descriptive start to the song and a warning of things to come. Life is never easy and you need to pick your battles. 

With Dan from Story Of The Year shredding on this one, the solo project of Wiley Johnson; ‘Die Criminal’ is powerfully delivered with vocals, drums and guitar. This song has lots of angst, energy and would rip through a live show and shatter any weak windows around.

‘Die Criminal’ is a brand new project and has only been around for a few months. This is awesome music, super Alt Rock and has the sound to be very popular. With such a professional sound, this is a polished act that deserves more love.

Stream more from ‘Die Criminal’ right here on his SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen