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For Gus: Brad Sanders drops terrific new single The Victorious Mr Bitey Face

Inspired by an 85-pound German Shepherd who now has a theme track, Brad Sanders is rather special on the splendid new single to heal all wounded spirits called The Victorious Mr Bitey Face.

Brad Sanders is a Sacramento, California-based indie rock drummer and songwriter who is the kind of multi-instrumentalist dreams are made of.

Originally a drummer and still very much so, Brad began exploring the guitar, piano, bass, and in 2017 built his home studio that allowed him uninterrupted recording time.” ~ Brad Sanders

Taken off the 14-track album called Hats, Brad Sanders spellbinds our emotions on this 80’s fused stunner to take us into a happier place. This is an excellent instrumental song which will ease the worries of so many who just want to forget tour carnage-filled current days.

The Victorious Mr Bitey Face from Sacramento, California-based rock drummer and songwriter Brad Sanders is a tremendous single to get eager about. Lacerating through the skin and panting with a happy face, this is a wonderful song to place on loud when life gets a little too much.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Black Thoughts Were Paused: MASTOIDS claws through the crude engravings on Circadian Low

Sharing a bond after playing in a band together more that half their lives, MASTOIDS tame the ominous rustles in the bushes with a Circadian Low style performance to be inspired by.

MASTOIDS is a potent outfit who is perhaps best described as a super loud but-never-overpowering Sacramento band who might dent your car’s speaker if you get too close.

Initially formed as a haphazard talent show act, the power trio has grown immensely, gaining a reputation in the local Sacramento scene for their loud, energetic shows.” ~ MASTOIDS

Dropped off the latest Long Walk// Short Pier 10-track album, MASTOIDS are their heavy best. Paced to perfection from a top 1% of his class and pulsating just right, there is so much to get excited about. Racing quickly into your mind like a Lewis Hamilton swerve, punchy-cool-to-the-max is the class on display here as we take another listen.

These four years of maturation come through prominently on the new album, which abandons the ceaseless angst of the debut in favor of a more measured, contemplative emotional framework.” ~ MASTOIDS

Circadian Low from the explosive Sacramento-based indie alternative band MASTOIDS is a powerful performance from a savvy group who has gotten the attention of many with their honest style wrapped in mystery. Their music shall grip you closely and take you by the veins, while you imagine being in this predicament.

Swirling with a wonderfully electric aura, this is a sure-fire adrenalin winner to play all night.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find My True Self: Bozaay is losing his patience in the search for that ‘Love Potion’

After recently recuperating from that soul-crushing heartbreak he saw coming on ‘Sorry, I’m Not Perfect‘ from March 2021, Bozaay is worried as to why he hasn’t found someone real who truly gets him on ‘Love Potion‘.

Bozaay is a hard-working Sacramento, California-based indie RnB/hip-hip solo artist who makes a deep combination of emotion-packed music that certainly strikes at your heart and makes you think deeper than before.

As he glimpses outside to see if there is anyone worthwhile for him to be romantic with, Bozaay deliberates on the future path and sounds rather frustrated on this new single. He raps with a style that has you nodding your head in agreement, to the notion that has been eloquently explained to us. The world is an odd place right now – and finding the one is so rare – as we ponder the next move in this claw-ridden wilderness of chaos.

Love Potion‘ from the Sacramento, California-based indie RnB/hip-hip solo artist Bozaay, is a supremely well-balanced track about wishing that the pathway to that ideal person was right here in front of you. With the world so over-complicated and darkly-lit at times, this is a true tale that so many are facing right now as the quest for love goes on.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Still Lit: Sacramento rapper GTD Kari makes his long-awaited return with ‘GTD Freestyle’

After last being featured on the top notch ‘Like Mike‘, the fast-rising GTD Kari is back after eight months away with the fast-paced new single that shows us his renewed focus on ‘GTD Freestyle‘.

Kevin Jerome Jumaane Easter Jr aka GTD Kari, is a highly motivated Sacramento, California-based trap artist. He has recently signed to the late Lil Yase’s Highway420 Productions label and his career is definitely on the rise.

You feel his slick bars that slide smoothly through your happy speakers, as he easily impresses the hungry onlookers who are looking for someone to believe in, as his smokey-cool style drifts through and lights up the papers to our mind. He has a smoothly-rolled flow that certainly delivers the post we want, as he lets it be known that he is only interested in the paper and making that tasty dough.

GTD Freestyle‘ from the soon-to-be-massive underground Sacramento, California-based rapper GTD Kari, is a rampaging effort that is clear and concise, his story about those unwise fake rappers that spit false stories is so relevant and real. This welcome mindset shows you that the street corner is turning back to fans wanting that authentic artist, back into their lives and for the plastic ones to be thrown into the trash for good.

Eight months seems a lifetime away in this new age fickle rap game, when before old school emcees used to hide away – recording, perfecting and writing their new music- for up to five years or more. His confident flow and street-filled vigor shows us that he does indeed rap about things he does which makes him well-respected where it counts. With true hip-hop heads.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see what he does next on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alone In The Dark: Bozaay only has ‘Dead Roses’ left after heartbreak

One of the hardest working artists in the game; Bozaay, is back with his new ‘Dead Roses‘ track which is taken off the ten-track album ‘Sorry, I’m Not Perfect‘.

Sacramento, California’s Bozaay is a RnB/hip-hop artist who sings and raps from the soul, his emotion shows evidently right in front of you, as his true stories about love and being appreciated in this fickle music world, leads you into his mind, body and soul on each note.

After dropping ‘Summer Nights‘ last year too, Bozaay shows us that hard work is definitely the way forward as he looks to establish himself in the crowded USA music game.

His voice shows you it all, the pain is entrenched into each word as he struggles to understand why they changed and what happened to make this all so distant to what it was like before. Love is now lost but its a chance to start again, your heart will be a bit colder for now but over time, you will find what you are looking for if you allow it.

Dead Roses‘ from Sacramento’s Bozaay, is the sad story about how love can seem so incredible one minute and then by the next, all you have is the memories of what was before. The future awaits now without the person you wanted to be with and the healing process begins, so that you may find what and who you really deserve in life.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Better think twice: LeDrip shows us in on the street-hop true story of ‘Homocide’

With real street stories of gaining respect and trying to survive in the hood still fresh in his mind, LeDrip shows us how life really is on his fiery new release called ‘Homocide‘.

James Thompson Jr aka LeDrip, is a Sacramento, California-born writer, designer, rapper and producer, who tells us true tales of life dodging the blue lights, fighting with gangs to protect his independence and what it takes to stay breathing in places you see only in the movies.

After dealing with his Mom’s unfortunate addictions due his Dad’s habit for selling drugs, hitting his wife and spending too much time in jail, you can feel the pulsating passion inside his voice, as he has lifted himself up as one of six kids to fulfill his creativity and make music his new addiction. He went down the dark and gloomy alley before and refuses to go there again as this will let down his loved ones.

Homocide‘ from the raw talent of LeDrip, is a courageous story of dealing with adversity and staying alive through dark times. He raps with that inner determination that is only apparent if you have really dealt with evil and seen it in your face, while your heart skips a beat, wondering if you will actually get home tonight to see that pillow.

This dogged attitude is an inspiration to us all to be thankful for what we have, as so many have to scrap and do things they don’t want to, all in the name of having a meal to eat and helping their family live. ‘The One Man Mafia‘ album is on its way and it feels like more true stories are on the way, leading us into his fascinating life of survival, despite the odds heavily stacked again him.

Stream this potent track on YouTube and see more from his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When you have that sparkle in your eye: Damarrus sings about his lovely ‘Senorita’ (ft. Enoch & King Drew)

Damarrus sends us to the beach to get a tan and to dip our toes into his hot new Rnb fused music video called ‘Senorita‘ (ft. Enoch & King Drew).

Damarrus is a fast-emerging RnB artist and producer from sunny Sacramento, California who sings with passion and has a smooth vocal delivery, that shows why he is one of the most exciting new talents around.

Shot in the incredibly beautiful Malibu and award-winning filmmaker Dwight Taylor served as Director of Photography on this one that is made with so much love.

With a terrific blend of Caribbean and Spanish production, this is a video to take your mind off more serious matters in the world so you can unwind, enjoy the sultry beat and plan your next beach trip after the world calms down a bit.

His voice is full of passion and he wants to make her happy so badly, as his heart is beating extra fast today. With an excellent voice that seeps through the speakers, the flourishing RnB flavor wets our appetites for more.

The raps are made with an honest and straight forward tone of intent as they show the ladies their skills on the mic as they dance in the sea, a perfect place to show her your moves. The two excellent features add so much to the song and the quality is there for all to see.

Senorita‘ (ft. Enoch & King Drew) from the endearing Damarrus is the summer song that most of us didn’t get to enjoy in 2020. However with positive vibes like this, we can enjoy a sunny song like this from home that is all about that sweet romance that takes your heart to places it hasn’t been for ages and for that, we must be thankful.

Heat up your day on YouTube and see more from this talented singer on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sacramento rapper Lazy Bonez brings crew together on good vibes with Tryna Chill ft Cash & Origami

Lazy Bonez blazes in with mellow Californian summer Hip Hop track with ”Tryna Chill” ft Cash & Origami on production. This is perfect for those hot summer days and nights. It’s a song for all occasions.

Sacramento, California is the home of this 420 friendly new school rapper. Inspired by the fine skills of J Cole, Lazy Bonez is on top form here. The beat feels like I’m floating in a bubble like a happy soul. He just wants to smoke, chill and take it easy for a bit from this crazy world.

Tryna Chill” it mainly started as a freestyle when he was chillin’ with his homies Cash and Jay. Xcvii who produces some of Lazy’s beats decided to rap. This is the first ever song he recorded and this has inspired him to make much more music. The bug is in and I have a feeling we will be hearing much more from this rapper with soul.

Stream this 420 friendly track on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Cla$$ic” from Henny Holyfield is his breakthrough Hip Hop track

Indie emcee Henny Holyfield is from Fairfield, California and he reps his hood in style with ”Cla$$ic”.

Father, Chef, Emcee, Optimist. Life is meant to be enjoyed. That is the main message of Henny Holyfield’s music. He tells it how it is and we need to appreciate that. Fake rappers are slowly starting get it and musicians like this only amplify’s that notion.

Taken of his latest album called ”Clocked In”, this is a fire song that has a consistent flow that ultimately shows this artists mad skills. I like the Hopsin shout out too. After 500+ shows, this top shelf rapper shows his pen skills with a masterful performance where his experience shows with his vivid storytelling.

The Sacramento based rapper Henny Holyfield rolls in with ”Cla$$ic” that is designed to be played late at night while cruising around with friends. This is real Hip Hop that is not watered down. Long may this kind of music prevail.

Stream this hot new track from this rising rapper on Spotify.

Find out more about this emcee on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

GTD Kari rolls in with fiery flow on ”Like Mike”

The underrated GTD Kari is back in a big way and the young emcee rips in with ”Like Mike”.

Like Mike” from GTD Kari is all about how life is crazy right now for this underground rapper from Sacramento in California. He comes in with finesse on this new single that has a massive freestyle flow that showcase this emcee’s brooding lyrical ability. The consistent flow is refreshing and he is rapping in his own style. This has a 90’s feel fused in with the new school.

US rapper GTD Kari ciphers in with a confident swagger, his music is thoughtful and you can tell that he is original. With so many rappers copying one another, this is dope track that is a true story of trying to make it in this music game. Surviving the hood too. ”Like Mike” from GTD Kari is track that deserves a listen due to the tight flow and real message.

Check out the previous release GTD Kari Ft Lul Jody- Gleeked Up.

Head to his Spotify page.

Click here to check out his Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen