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I Try And Rescue My Heart: Russian artist Miliah falls really deep but doesn’t always want saving on her dynamic new single ‘Common’

With a uniquely different style that has you looking deeper into her sensitively strong soul, Miliah knows that she can mostly save herself from all the love-torn hurt and childish games from selfish former lovers, with the breathtaking story about falling down sometimes on ‘Common‘.

Miliah is a St. Petersburg, Russia-based music producer, and indie singer-songwriter. Influenced by various genres such as electronic, RnB, neo-soul and hip-hop, she blends a magnificently fascinating mixture of pure music vibrations for our hungry ears, that is rather intoxicating.

As she sings with such a vivid style that opens the curtain inside her life that has made her so strong, her willingness to do something special really sets her apart. Criminally underrated, you feel her pulsating passion and desire to do things her way, but does need to be caught every now and again, when she does stray too far down under.

Common‘ from the stylishly elegant and highly talented Russian music producer and neo-soul singer Miliah, shows us a woman who knows that she needs help sometimes, but only wants to be with a soul who truly believes in her. After way too many falls and heartbreaks – she is so determined to rise over the small-mindedness – to find her destined path that she has earned through hard work. She is not like the rest and is totally okay with that. Only the brave shall survive anyway.

Stream this fresh new single on Spotify and see more on her vibrant IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Going Back To Basics: Three Colored Squares help us find simple normality again on ‘The Walk in Falling Leaves’

Taken off the magnificently moody five-track EP with so much substance called ‘EP1‘, Three Colored Squares take us for a casual stroll outside with the dark EDM single that has you looking to admire the beauty in this world called ‘The Walk in Falling Leaves’.

Three Colored Squares is a free-thinking Russian-born, Amsterdam-based indie electronica musician, who chills out the frosty fridge within with warm, tasty slow melodic soundscapes, that has your body in a curious state to unwrap the mystery.

You feel the different emotions so closely, as the deeply focused production has you thinking about those dial up phone days, the old school feel wraps on your conscious and fills you with hope that music is continuing to evolve away from ridiculously expensive equipment, that most can’t afford.

The capricious beat takes you to an extremely thoughtful place deep underground, as the catchy melody stays consistent and swims into your body, like an ocean full of life and mystique if you know where to look.

The Walk in Falling Leaves’ from the wildly talented Amsterdam-based indie electronica artist Three Colored Squares, was made on one single FM synthesizer that is currently sparking alight the revival of the coveted frequency modulation sound genre. With creativity like this and an urge to forge the past with the future, we are witnessing a true pioneer who is ahead of the game and playing to his own fantastic rules.

Stream this top single on Spotify and check out the IG for more news on releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen