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EscapeTheBox is about to drop their insane and heavy single Grey

EscapeTheBox is about to release their single ‘Grey’ on May 1st 2020, Grey will take you on a journey through their Alternative Rock sound, pushing through their killer instrumentals and insane vocal ranges.

From the get go, it has this real hardcore element that shines through keeping it noisy and crazy. The thrilling electrifying guitar solos and the booming sound of the drum. As the vocals come through with this rough texture and tend to take it up a notch with the raucous tone that brings the heaviness.

As the vocals begin to get louder and hit the high notes a rather electronic style effect clings onto the end of the verse mixing up the style and sound and giving that element of diversity. The instrumentation continues to be insane throughout, making sure that it’s kept at that same pace and that the Alt-Rock elements are clear to hear in every second.

This piece is just what this style of music is all about, it’s manic and the right amount of heaviness is added, the blaring instrumentation and the different tones through the vocals is what makes this such a stand out piece.

Pre-save EscapeTheBox’s ‘Grey’ (Out May 1st) by clicking here.

Review by Karley Myall


M.R.J – What Can I Say?

Everyone needs a song like Unfinished Business by M.R.J in the soundtracks to their lives. Euphoric, funk dabbled, electro indie pop beats finished with the quintessence of an infectiously upbeat styling, who could beat it? Not many, that’s why stumbling across the gems that make up M.R.J’s track list was a pretty special moment. The contemporary Pop scene is a minefield at best, you never know what mixed bag of overproduced atrocities is waiting for you on the other side of the play button. So I’d like to thank M.R.J in restoring my faith in the Pop scene with this uniquely refreshing style. If you’re a fan of acts such as Alex Cameron & Jack Ladder, you’re going to love M.R.J.

Yet Unfinished Business incorporates the right amount of trepidation in his tracks to make sure you feel the full immersive explosion which accompanies the synthesised chorus.

Whilst the undeniable history of Pop is implored with the styling of M.R.J’s track, it’s clear that he sets his own standard and tone when it comes to his music.

The London based Pop artist always has new tracks in the mix, however in the mean time why not pop across where you can sample his latest hit Unfinished Business?