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Terry Blade warns even unconditional love has its limits in his Country-Blues single, ‘Won’t Be Around’

Two-time recipient of the Global Music Awards, Terry Blade, lined himself up for more prestigious accolades by recording his latest single, Won’t Be Around. The stripped-back simmering melting pot of Gospel-Esque Soul, Blues and Country commands your adoration from the first gravelled in feisty-fervour vocal note.

From there on out, the lyrics compel you to take stock of the protagonists in your life as you’re reminded that unconditional love always has its limits. With his voice commanding the soundscape, which paid homage to the roots of Americana with the minimalistic trickle of bluesy keys and strummed acoustic guitar notes, you’re left with no option but to be arrested.

During his career, which sheds light on his experience as a black gay artist, Terry Blade has picked up over 40 awards, And something tells us his glory days are far from behind him.

Won’t Be Around will officially release on January 6th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Country and Roots Originators, Few Miles South, Delivered a Pick-Up Truck of Wholesome with Their Latest Single, Doggone

The country and roots collective, Few Miles South, may have been dubbed the ‘Country Pretenders’, but their latest single and music video, Doggone, set them apart as distinguished escapist originators.

I haven’t been as endeared by Bluegrass Americana since wandering into a festival tent and discovering Hayseed Dixie in a cider-addled haze. Yet, despite the pickup truckload of heckin’ wholesome, Doggone was never in any danger of registering as a novelty.

There’s some serious gravitas in this ode to one of the best fuzzy 4-legged aspects of our existence. Toni’s timelessly arrestive vocals against the punchy rhythms, blazing acoustic guitar solos, and the striking fiddle are an alchemic mix.

Doggone will officially release on May 13th; you can check out the official music video by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chuck Solo – Only time remains: A roots-rock effigy to love lost and unrelenting emotion

Only time remains by Chuck Solo

Sydney-based singer-songwriter, Chuck Solo, has released his roots-deep country pop-rock single, Only time remains, which runs through as a bitter-sweet effigy to love lost and unrelenting emotion to the tune of bluesy, choppy guitar chords and shimmering reverb.

Each note is plucked on his Strat by hand to boost the folky twang in the minimalist roots-rock track that allows his soulful yearning vocals to resound. Chris Isaak and Neil Diamond fans will instantly feel familiar with Only time remains through the stridently candid delivery of the sharp lyrics. Yet, Chuck Solo didn’t fall short on experimentalism with the sublime sonic layering of Only time remains. Which is accompanied by the equally as psychedelically sweet B-side single, Holding on (too tight). The crooned vocals and just as affectionate choral chords are enough to test your soul capacity’s to feel.

Only time remains is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alex Tea takes us ‘Away’ with the gravitas in his latest kaleidoscopically blissful release

After spending two decades learning how to melodically speak to rhythmic pulses, the New Jersey-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Alex Tea, has done more than hone in on his sound. Based on his latest artfully soulful, colourfully scored single, Away, he’s reached a new production plateau. To say that it is on the same level as Lou Reed’s iconic single, Perfect Day, wouldn’t be a stretch. It is the perfect amalgamation of vibrancy, emotional candour and hazy catharsis.

The intrinsic timelessness becomes paradoxical through the fresh feel of Alex Tea’s composition and production style. It scarcely comes as a surprise that he’s had his part to play in a significant number of collaborations and has worked with some of the most revered producers, including Pat Van Dyke and Victor Rice.

Each new release is a brand-new tonal palette; Alex Tea has an ever-intriguing tendency to experiment with his affinities for roots reggae, electro-pop, soul, folk and funk. You’ll hear nuances of them all in this kaleidoscopically blissful single.

Away is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get Me Home: Kristi Jean and Her Ne’er-Do-Wells tell us the story of those wild tour rides on ‘One More Time’

With the lead single off her brand new nine-track 2nd album, Kristi Jean and Her Ne’er-Do-Wells are quite fantastic on the adventurous story all about playing live wherever you can on ‘One More Time‘.

Kristi Jean and Her Ne’er-Do-Wells is a Howe, Texas-born indie Country artist. After bravely venturing towards Rock music for a while, she has since gone back to her homely roots and sounds mightily rejuvenated.

Kristi Jean grew up riding shotgun in a pickup truck driving the small-town roads of Howe, Texas with the AM radio tuned to traditional country music.” ~ Kristi Jean and Her Ne’er-Do-Wells

Showing us her outstanding vocal ability, this is a terrific track that has you beaming from ear to ear. With all that has happened recently with music tours being cancelled and the world generally closed up – the energy and excitement to hit the open road again – has to surely bring such a warm and fuzzy feeling to your music-loving bones.

One More Time‘ from the Howe, Texas-born indie Country artist Kristi Jean and Her Ne’er-Do-Wells, is a self-proclaimed and highly entertaining “honky-tonk-western-swing-southren-rockabilly.” There is much to love here from a singer so honest with stories we can all smile with, through those wild roads, crazy fans, and all-round life-changing stories from a band who have seen it all. Their quest to play live for new fans and have fun no matter what, is a movie-like soundtrack that should inspire many to follow their dreams. Music heals all.

Hear this catchy new single on Soundcloud and see her road trippin’ adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Haven’t Seen You In A While: South Chicago’s Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts take us down their memory lane with ‘Could Use Some Lovin’

After so many band changes and self-inflicted pressure following the release of 2019’s ‘Love & Disruption‘, Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts have gone back to having fun and seem heartily refreshed after that summer sun good vibes feel again with their latest single ‘Could Use Some Lovin‘.

Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts is an indie rock/roots band from South Chicago in the USA. They are one of those nostalgic bands that have your healing heart feeling toasty warm, like those memorable campfires of youth.

The song is about someone being aware of the turn in front of them and just hoping the people that they’ve been friends with can come with.” ~ Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts

With a catchy sound that has you feeling all snug and rather reminiscently thoughtful about previous times that make you laugh, this is that yesteryear track – that has been made for modern day – to remind us to reach out to those true friends you value.

There is so much to like about the compellingly entertaining vocals and overall band grit from Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts, as they put on a real show with the best intentions laid out for us to lather heartily into. This is the type of song that has your happy body moving to the enticing groove – as they sweetly soak us all into a top song – that will be totally timeless due to its true authenticity.

There was so much self-imposed pressure on the last release. With this one, we wanted to just have fun and record songs that we could listen to in twenty years.” ~ Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts

Could Use Some Lovin‘ from the soulful South Chicago underground indie rock/roots legends Pat Egan and The Heavy Hearts, is a true story about missing those innocent days and hoping that there are still a few old school friends around to share it all with. As the world seems to move faster, buildings being knocked down and friends drifting away for a better life, this is that lets-enjoy-this-while-it-lasts moment that all of us can truly relate to.

Those memories with good humans are certainly valued forever if you capture them, to never let them go from your heart.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more of their elevation upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Story of Haunting Guilt and Remorse: Boston’s Shotgun Waltz begs for forgiveness on the blood-on-my-hands ‘Ghost Train’

Shifting Gears by Shotgun Waltz

Taken off their July release all about living in the here and now called ‘Shifting Gears‘, Shotgun Waltz ride in with a reflective mood to that fateful day which took away a soul who should still be here on ‘Ghost Train‘.

Shotgun Waltz is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie alt-rock roots four-piece band. They are a group that have a world class sound that has been fine tuned from many years perfecting their craft, as they combine like classic wine to make that specially flavored type of energy.

The fresh, energetic nature of Jim DeTore’s songs is reinforced by a highly capable veteran lineup featuring the arrangements of former Leonard Cohen touring guitarist Bob Metzger, as well as two veteran Boston musicians: former Lines drummer Rick Weden and Pete Abajoli from Penny Outlaw, The Melatonins and formerly Superlow.” ~ Shotgun Waltz

With a startling message which strikes right in your knotted stomach as you imagine the emotional toll this has taken after all these years of guilt – we are placed into a message of redemption – that is splendidly sung with such determination. There is much to admire here, as the band are on top form and show us their world class ability.

Ghost Train‘ from the Boston-based indie alt-rock roots four-piece act Shotgun Waltz, is the story of wishing that you could have that moment back which changed everything. Your mind goes back to the time the accident happened, as you beg for forgiveness and try to make amends in any way possible.

Performed with a real edge and a terrific soundscape, this is one of the most honest tracks you will hear all year.

Check out the Bandcamp link for this new single and see more news on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DJ Akawave’s ”Yaquanu” is a live loop Hip Hop wonderland

Edgar Weltens or as he is known in the music game- Aka Wave– is a Dutch music producer and performer based in the stunning sea-soaked South of Spain in Europe. This former bboy is a Hip Hop culture fan, sound design and ambient soundscape lover.

After lots of practice and working out what style of music he wanted play, he decided to go for a technique called Live Looping. This style has worked and organic live experiences is what Aka Wave creates.

Yaquanu” talks about the pain and suffering that stems from our modern world ignoring its own roots. We have built a system on top of nature’s system. The current system does not respect or understand the ways of nature we see suffering all around us.

The new album off the same name is an instrumental Hip Hop album that pushes the boundaries and 27 tracks are set to be released. Aka Wave has been busy.

Yaquanu” is a fantastic song and the video is so stunning that it might put you in a difference frame of mind. In a good way.

Check out Synergic Records as they helped on this release.

Stream this awesome track right here on YouTube.

Check out the Facebook page for more info on this emerging artist.

Indulge in the Indie Blues Rock Escapism Offered by Bazile Mills’ Single “Flying at Night”

With lyrical wit which could rival Nick Cave’s and a timelessly hypnotic rhythmic allure, Bazile Mills’ standout Indie Blues Rock single Flying at Night is a masterful feat of aural escapism which you’re going to want to delve into.

There may be plenty of odes paid to the roots of Rock n’ Roll, yet within the extended length of the progressive single, you’ll find plenty of affirmations that Bazile Mills’ ingenuity deserves space on the airwaves in 2020.

While the vocals offer soul and connectable passion, the tonally warm winding Americana instrumentals will leave even staunchest of audiophiles enamoured. The Blues guitar solos really are something else.

You can check out Flying at Night for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Paul Moody And The Revelators Release Smashing Track ‘Losing My Mind’

Using a variety of ear pleasing instrumentals, from the saxophone to the trombone all the way through to the string family, it is Paul Moody’s charming vocals that steals the show. A sound originating from a folk and roots style, Paul Moody and the Revelators deliver a classic in their brand-new release “Losing My Mind”, a song that highlights elements of nostalgia, comfort and general music satisfaction.

“Losing My Mind” greets us with a friendly guitar strum, and as the introduction progresses the beating drum follows with an elegant piano, along with Paul Moody’s warm-hearted vocals, completely owning the vibrant atmosphere of the track. The meaning behind the lyrics is actually quite tragic, “And this cheap cocaine doesn’t do shit/It just numbs the depression a bit/And in the morning it’s all gonna hit/Oh oh I’m fine/But I think I’m losing my mind”. What Paul Moody and the Revelators so cleverly portray, is the reality behind everyday life. We may pretend to continue with our day-to-day duties with a content and cheery attitude, but most of the time we are concealing our misery. “Losing My Mind” puts an ambiguous spin on what the song really means, and what is so conspicuous about the track is the confusion it reiterates between the vocals and the melody.

-Aly McHugh