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Ron A.P. made true love a tangible phenomenon in Real Love Pt. II

Making true love a tangible phenomenon is a feat beyond most artists, not Ron A.P. in his latest music video, Real Love Pt. II. With full awareness that love is the most explored emotion in music, Ron A.P. went all in with this smooth jazzy hip hop track. Shakespeare may not have referred to how much crackheads love to chase the rock, and that may just be where he went wrong in encompassing the visceralism of the emotion.

After hearing The Ex Files from the US rapper, which went hard on retrospective romantic dissonance, we are stoked to hear Ron A.P. back on soulful form. Any fans of Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye and B.B. King will find a playlist staple in Real Love Pt. II.

The official music video for Real Love Pt. II will premiere on August 19th. Check it out on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Baltimore’s Brightest Rising Rap Icon, Ron A.P Has Released His Game-Changer of a Single, The Ex-Files

The Baltimore-based hip hop artist Ron A.P. has been steadily gaining traction in his career since making his debut in 2018. Since his exceptionally promising debut, he has been in heavy rotation on US radio stations and has seen his music placed on a major TV network channel.

His latest release, The Ex-Files, stands as a testament to how his songwriting has matured in the short time of the inception of his career. Despite the conflating emotions that bleed into The Ex-Files from Ron A.P. getting 100% candid about his post-breakup psyche, the sentiment is all too resonant and relatable.

Ron A.P. lyrically moves from wanting something new to those gut-punch feelings that hit when you realise that you’re no longer feeding each other your news, no matter how much you miss the headlines, but in the next breath, there’s nothing but hate. With clever touches, such as lyrically retracting previous lines in the verses, few tracks encompass the true instability of conflicted passion.

With the instrumentals a smooth mix of atmospheric new wave and East Coast old school, it is easy to see how Ron A.P. is about to become the flavour of choice amongst old school and new school fans alike.

Here’s what Ron A.P. had to say on his latest The Ex-Files:

“This release is a part of an upcoming EP that tells a story about a bad relationship. Each song goes through the stages of the relationship. The Ex-Files is the song that depicts the mixed feelings people get they are through with a relationship.

I created the track after I decided to break up with my ex-girlfriend because she was too high-strung and dramatic.”

The Ex-Files is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ron A.P. gets paranormal with the past with his candidly edgy hip hop track, The Ex-Files

After a stint away from the recording studio, the South Jersey-raised, Philadelphia-based hip hop artist Ron A.P. is back on edgy and imaginative form in his latest single, The Ex-Files.

The clever ingenuity of the track title sets the bar high, but the lyrics and spacey atmosphere in The Ex-Files leaves nothing to be desired. Of all the hip hop tracks on the airwaves mused by ex-girlfriends, The Ex-Files is easily one of the most evocatively charged and complex for the way it navigates a myriad of contrasting frustrations while leaving no intimate emotion off the table.

Ron A.P. almost exudes Jekyll and Hyde vibes for the number of transitions in evocative nature. That’s just one of the facets that take this dynamic earworm to the next level. He may have taken influence from Nas, Jay-Z and Kanye, but Ron A.P. is well and truly standing in a league of his own.

The Ex-Files is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast