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3800hellboy grew tired of the fights and messy vibes with ‘Chemical Romance’

After blazing through many traumatic bouts of anxiety, depression, and drug abuse, 3800hellboy knows that he needs to move away from fake vibes that threatened to bite him like a sneaky poisonous snake on ‘Chemical Romance‘.

3800hellboy is a Chicago-born, Rockford, Illinois-based indie Hip hop artist who has bravely overcome his destructively depressive state to inspire others to fly free mentally.

When I get on the mic these are my real-life experiences, so to have my music as an outlet to express that is my therapy. It’s a really powerful experience to then have somebody tell you that what you went through lets them know they can get through their shit. So if I can make my pain help somebody else then fuck it.” ~ 3800hellboy

Taken off his dynamic 9-track ‘Heartless‘ album, 3800hellboy drops the heat and shows his frustration with a former lover and those who changed their stripes when he needed them at his weakest moment. Rapped with tremendous insight into those horrid vices that can tear your priceless soul into tiny fragments, this is a powerful performance that shall rattle your exposed ribcage.

Chemical Romance‘ from Chicago-born, Rockford, Illinois-based indie Hip hop artist 3800hellboy, is such an honest track that so many of us can certainly correlate to. In a wild world that is ready to step on your face and forget your very existence if you fall deep without a hand to catch you, this is a reminder to always be self-aware enough to look in the mirror and know where you are.

Life is about learning from your mistakes after all, not making the same ones and blaming others for your pitfalls.

Hear this genuine new single on Spotify and see what he gets up to on socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Had a Future: Marc Rangel wonders what happened to that sweet romance on ‘Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore’

With a reminiscing tone that looks back at when they couldn’t stop holding hands and laughing together, Marc Rangel is full of that sad regret about the moment he knew it was over on the notably impassioned new single ‘Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore‘.

Marc Rangel aka Marc Anthony Rangel is a Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who grew up mostly in Rockford, Illinois.

His biggest musical influences come from 90’s and early 2000’s r&b music.” ~ Marc Rangel

Marc Rangel displays his unparalleled vocal ability on an emotional rollercoaster that has your heart feeling so empty and thinking back to your own romantic troubles. His tone is rather unprecedented and has you turning up the volume, to capture each second of this terrific young musician who is finding his way in this extremely odd world we all reside in.

Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore‘ from the Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Marc Rangel, shows us a sombre mind that is so disoriented as to what actually transpired. The love was there and he enjoyed each moment to the fullest but is in deep regret at the way things unfolded.

The one that got away is always the hardest relationship to get out of your mind after all,

Feel the emotion flowing through the veins of this heartfelt creation on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen