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When life gives you lemons, drink James Sebastian’s 70s rock-infused lemonade in Life’s Tasting Good

Proving that there are few things sweeter than sun-kissed optimism and soundscapes which kaleidoscopically pop with the raw energy of 70s rock and soul of 60s pop, James Sebastian put love in the air with his latest single, Life’s Tasting Good.

The wild with zeal vocal lines that will arrest you with the same cuffs of Robert Plant fused with psychedelic pop hues, which paint with the same tonal palette as The Beatles, this horn-infused rock revival revels in the future as rock as much as the past.

It isn’t the first time the UK-based singer-songwriter has appeared on our radar. We weren’t quick to forget his seminal hit, Love is Only Love; Life’s Tasting Good has just as much staying power from the first time it snakes between your synapses with the slickly sensational melodies. It’s far from your average archetypal summer single, but anyone with a soft spot for the eras rock n roll reigned supreme will undoubtedly want to make a staple of it.

Life’s Tasting Good was officially released on the second of June; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Propter Hawk stoked the fires of a rock n roll revival in Clean Old-Fashioned Hate

Propter Hawk

With demurely electrifying vocal lines in the same vein of She Drew the Gun and Black Honey fused with cruising kaleidoscopic guitars which angularly nestle into the middle ground between Pavement and The Beatles, Toronto’s premier rock outfit, Propter Hawk, knocked it out of the sonic ballpark with their latest release, Clean Old-Fashioned Hate.

The feel-good rock n roll rhythmics were the perfect way to address our contemporary appetite for division and hatred while throwing you right back to the simpler times when we could believe what we read and tribalism wasn’t excessively weaponised.

Armed with their vintage gear and an MO to stoke the fires of a new era of refreshingly relatable rock n roll, the raconteur powerhouse is unreckonable; join forces while you still can.

Clean Old-Fashioned Hate will be available to stream on all major platforms from June 2. Head over to their website for more info.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Herringbone speak to the sinners in their classic rock revivalist debut single, Soloman’s Song

Herringbone’s debut single, Soloman’s Song, is a classic rock to the core exploration of shame, secrecy, and repentance that will throw you right back to the most iconic era of sunset strip glam rock.

The upbeat track raucously unravels through the momentum its overdriven lead guitars that amplify the cheeky swagger in the lead vocals, which are joined by choral female backing vocals. The feminine energy and shimmering organ keys take this renegade rock revival to a spiritually enrapturing level.

When they talk about music being the best medicine, they must be alluding to the enlivening aural elixir that runs through this stellar rock track which is enough to make you pious to the prowess of Herringbone. Now that a decent live show is beyond Axl Rose, it’s time to embrace Herringbone.

Soloman’s Song is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Rewind to Vince Spano’s grungy alt-rock revival, RELAPSE

We’ve kept our eye on Vince Spano’s increasingly luminous career for a while. With his latest single, RELAPSE, the Texan prodigal son unveiled his most striking alt-rock aesthetic yet, while simultaneously dealing with the proclivity for fear around the notion of romantic regression.

The single, the first to be released from his upcoming EP, The Prescribed Project, delivers rock nostalgia as you’ve never known before. With vocals that are somewhere between Soundgarden and Highly Suspect against the warmth of vintage tubes and overdriven distortion, RELAPSE is as rhythmically arresting as it is revolutionary sultry.

Here is what Vince Spano had to say on his latest single

“This is my first single off my new EP, The Prescribed Project, it’s a project that I have been working on for a very long time in hopes of bringing the sound of the music I grew up on, back into the mainstream to inspire a whole new generation of people.”

RELAPSE was officially released on July 22nd; check it out on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Rochester roots-rock renegade Brian Lindsay has delivered the ultimate riff-licked ‘Revival’

Ahead of his fourth album, Revival, the NYC roots-rocker, Brian Lindsay, teased the modernity-weary, whiskey-soaked soul within it by giving us a sneak peek of the title single, which throws you right back to the time when lighters were held in the air instead of iPhones.

His virtuosic yet humble approach to songwriting is one of the best escapes from the 21st-century that you could possibly ask for. Between the deep yearning romanticism and the swoon-worthy soaring guitar licks, you get the affirmation that Brian Lindsay is the real revival deal. As much as he taps into Springsteen and Ryan Adams-Esque high energy melodicism, he leans into his signature rugged yet smooth intoxicating aural juxtaposition style.

Revival was officially released on May 20th. You can check it out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify or via his official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast