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Tyler Hutton – Try Your Luck: Whiskey Blues Rock

This song with its rusty yet mighty rock n’ roll guitar riff is staring right into my rocker soul. Tyler Hutton is preaching good-written blues-rock music in his song “Try Your Luck”.

Tyler Hutton is a singer-songwriter and original rocker from the City of Angels. During 2019 he released his album called “Invictus” filled with rock n’ roll songs for the old-school listener, one of which is “Try Your Luck”. The production is not as polished as a band like The Black Keys for instance, but the songwriting quality stands mighty and proud. The riff is peachy and easy-listening without losing its rock edge. His voice is very pleasing and as you proceed listening to him performing and singing, the more it gets better; by the end of the song, you will be compelled to refill your glass with the finest scotch you keep in your cupboard. Lest I forget, the short guitar solo near the end of the song is one that makes you close your eyes and just feel the sound coming off those strings.

In “Try Your Luck” Tyler Hutton revisits the oldest lyrical theme in rock music; love. He encourages us to approach our love interest. I’ll encourage you to give this song a good listen. Do so here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Jack Berry Releases His Latest Viscerally Resonant Single “Mad Behaviour”

There aren’t many artists with the ability to make my jaded ears prick up with the first few notes of the prelude. So, that should be a fairly good indicator of Jack Berry’s deft talent when it comes to orchestrating a viscerally resounding Indie Rock hit.

“Mad Behaviour” is a single which resonates with absolute distinction although fans of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Keys, and Queens of the Stone Age are sure to find many elements of his sound to appreciate. There’s no surprise that Jack Berry’s matured and stylistic approach to Rock n’ Roll is in hot demand all across the states. His ability to carve out a mean Blues rhythm is unparalleled amongst the other up and coming artists I’ve heard in 2019, but let’s face it, with guitar licks that salaciously compelling, and a vocal dynamic as magnetic as any of the Rock greats you would care to put him against – he’s already arrived.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Come at the King treat Rock n’ Roll fans to another filthily grinding garage hit with “Shudder”

“Shudder” is the third single to be released by London-based Rock n’ Roll purveyors Come at the King who generously lay down a grindingly mesmeric hit for true fans of Rock to appreciate.

The band may be up and coming right now, but their unique alchemic approach to Rock provides a cathartic, sensuously rhythmic aural experience which is unlikely to get ignored thanks to the perceptible contemporary appeal While there is plenty of distinction within their sound, there is also a fair enough serving of reminiscence to acts such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Even though the guitars may be distorted and the lyricism carries a slightly filthy tonality, the purest and most entrancing element of Come at the King’s sound is their ability to carve out a mean melody which will grip you in a state of hypnotic adoration and no doubt having you press play time and time again.

You can check out Come at the King’s latest single Shudder for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

King Bull prove that Rock & Roll still lives on with their single “Shanana”

If you were starting to become under the impression that there is no true Rock n’ Roll bands left anymore, it is our absolute pleasure to restore the faith and introduce you to one of America’s most excitingly authentic up and coming acts King Bull.

They may be fresh from their inception, but their stylistic talent has already matured; enabling them to create caustic hits which will remind you of all the reasons you fell in love with the genre in the first place.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out the single which will be released later in the year, in the meantime, you can head over to their Facebook page to stay up to date with all the latest news on the release, and if you’re lucky you can catch them on tour.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

MOJOTHUNDER – Rocking A Hard Place

Classic rock, hard rock, just plain rock…call it what you will but we can all agree that we are in familiar territory here. Not that it is a problem, not everything is about kicking down the barriers and exploring new pastures, some of it is about diving for pearls in familiar waters. And that is just what Mojothunder are all about. This sort of music is done often, too often really, but it is often not done well. That then is the bands selling point for whilst they are clearly playing with familiarity and comfort zones here and wearing their references very openly on their sleeve tattooed arms (presumably, you’d need to check) they do it much better than most.

Something For Nothing combines the classic bluesy Zeppelin-esque vibe with a full throttle, hard-edged rock onslaught that joins dots between the likes of The Almighty’s uncompromising sound and Black Stone Cherry’s southern swagger, The Cult’s knowingly foot on the monitor clichés and emerging rockers Mother. Throw in an obvious love of 80’s sonic excess and you have something for everyone.

Sometimes it is enough just to re-invent the wheel especially if the wheel in question allows you to open up the throttle and take a white-knuckle joyride through the side streets and alleyways of the history of rock before unashamedly heading down the highway to follow in the tyre marks of previous iconic suicide machines.

“It’s Music” – The HiGrounds’ Latest Rock And Roll Hit

Based in Manhattan Beach, CA, The HiGrounds are a band with a very particular sound that is essentially rock and roll with an evident contemporary flair. These guys share a passion for this type of music in particular, and this is shown in their music which clearly has a vintage character with a modern touch that only true dedicated musicians are able to create. With funky guitar progressions, punctuated by percussive piano and Hammond organ sounds backed by a solid rhythm section, their music is just one of a kind.

“it’s Music,” which is taken right off of their latest album “Wouldn’t Hurt To Show,” is a true reflection of what sounds and stylistic choices these guys are passionate about. The instrumental arrangement and texture do indeed provide that special vintage feel, particularly through the use of the organ, but this is not all the song has to offer. It has no shortage of catchy choruses and it also presents a feel-good sound suitable for pubs and bars, providing an authentic warm atmosphere. “It’s Music” is not only a song which is enjoyable to listen to. It is well crafted and performed. So if you like what you hear, make sure to check out the rest of the album too, and you will not be disappointed !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

Tommy Zamp’s “Romeo” You Don’t Know Me Is A Brilliant Marriage & Barrier Breaker Of Genres

Tommy Zamp is probably a name you’ve already heard of. Through his vast experience in live shows and tours around the US and UK he has collaborated extensively with various artists and is now preparing to release his new record “You Don’t Know Me,” supported by the momentum gaining single “Romeo.” With its distinctive rock n roll sound which carries you away, “Romeo” is one of those songs which is not just enjoyable at the pub but also in live gig settings, on the radio in your car and also pretty much at any time during the day.

Apart from its characteristic guitar sonorities filling in the background and foreground throughout the song, “Romeo” also presents the listener with Tommy Zamp’s versatile vocal abilities to deliver an immersive relatable narrative while also exploring powerful notes in the chorus which drive the music forward. Complementing the shapely vocal melodic lines are guitar phrases filled with energy and intent that carry you along  and provide that authentic rock n roll sound which we all love, making Tommy Zamp’s music shine above the rest as it climbs up the charts.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

Neon Dolls – Rock and roll is back on the menu with ‘Creep Inside’

It may be a very simple idea, but as is often the case with simple ideas, it’s a good one, namely take the groove and grit of blues and give it the scuzzy garage rock treatment. Why not throw in some sweet and drifting harmony vocal whilst you are about it? But it isn’t quite as simple as that, as we know by now the saleability of such a simple and oft visited genre clash is the songs themselves, after all anyone can drive the blues-rock car off of the cliff of convention but the art is ending up with something which is more Thelma and Louise’s dramatic swansong and less a short traffic report on page 7 of the local newspaper.

Thankfully drama is never in short supply here. They join dots between Memphis in 1956, Detroit in 1969, New York in 1977 and Manchester 1995 and at a time when “rock” has become polished, defined, packaged and refined to within an inch of its skinny-jeaned and complicated hair-styled life, maybe it is time to turn back to “rock and roll” for our kicks. There is no denying that underneath all the jagged edges, Brit-pop poise and punk rock sonic poses, that is essentially what this is.
It’s elemental; it’s out of control but just enough in check, it’s savage, stroppy, sweet and sour, and slightly silly…but never a joke. Rock and roll is serious business and it looks like it is back on the menu.

The Burst and Bloom release punchy single ‘Rush And Rescind’

The Burst and Bloom by The Burst and Bloom

The chemistry between these three Chicago friends is apparent in their music, the intricate weaves and close knit musical textures a clear reflection of their personal friendship. Anyone can get together and make music but there is something more integral, more natural, more honest that comes through when the music is the result of long term friendships rather than just a job to be done.

Musically they deliver an intense sonic punch, especially for a three-piece but their ability to hang hazy walls of sound on solid and aggressive backbeats is a joy to behold. Sitting somewhere between post-rock and cosmic Americana…. on steroids, they are difficult to pin down to a specific genre. But then again if you start giving the music cool labels, everyone will be trying to emulate them. Let’s just call it a new chapter of rock and roll and leave it at that.

All Female Rock Outfit ‘The Nyx’ Drop Punchy Debut Self-Titled EP

As the disparate strands of The Nyx’s sound collide and blend, mix and match, you realise that away from the lazy labelling and journo driven love of scenes and pigeonholing, it’s all just rock and roll. It always has been and as this ferocious London girl-gang fire off salvos of underground rock swagger, punk attitude, garage rock rawness and grunge intensity you can envisage the nods of approval from everyone from Joan Jet to Courtney Love to…well, even Grace Slick.

It’s fierce, sure but is full of melody, it is snarling and confrontational but in a way that comes naturally. And if Fire Breathing Lady is the track that entices you across the threshold, the remaining songs which make up their recent E.P. don’t disappoint either. Hideaway shimmers and grunts in equal measure, Myself rocks and broods and Home is wonderfully melodic and nothing short of anthemic.

The secret to the continuation and success of guitar bands isn’t going to be found in musicians hell bent on fusing their respective genres into strange new progressive hybrids or who seek to push boundaries that probably only exist in their minds. Salvation lies with bands like The Nyx, bands who aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel but are more interested in taking it out for a spin, enjoying the ride and leaving the street peppered with some hard to remove tire marks along the way.

The Nyx are no strangers to the live music scene and are set to perform on 29th June at Black Heart in Camden, followed by more unannounced dates throughout the remainder of the year. More information about the band and their upcoming live dates can be found on their social media pages.