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Robbie Vonn urges those to forgive who can on ‘La La Life’

Reminding us that love and understanding are actually the way forward to healing from anything which is breaking down your soul, Robbie Vonn shows us where we should be headed on the new single, ‘La La Life‘.

Robbie Vonn is a USA-based progressive rock/electro-pop/bossa nova indie music project that has loveable energy that shall set you free from any previous worries.

Merging the purity of analog instruments with a variety of electronic sounds, Robbie Vonn’s music is an exploration of art, sound, and evocative lyricism.” ~ Robbie Vonn

Gliding fantastically with a beautiful single that shall have you sensing that life can indeed be better, Robbie Vonn brings the world a truly lovely single that is calming and natural that will bring you some much-needed comfort.

Robbie released his well-received debut EP Hopeless Memories in October 2021, a collaborative project that brought together artists from eight countries to create an evocative and cinematic production.” ~ Robbie Vonn

La La Life‘ from the USA-based progressive rock/electro-pop/bossa nova music project Robbie Vonn, is a stunning song that guides us all through anything that is holding us back in our lives. Forgiveness is key to everything really, as it leads us into a happier place that isn’t loaded with bad energies that can suffocate all your good vibes that needs to be free. Soaring like a bird looking for a comfortable resting place is the key to everything that helps us be content in our souls.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Free From Pain: Robbie Vonn just wants to be happy on ‘If I’ (feat. Juliet Lyons)

Sung with such a lusciously elegant style that has your beating heart in quite the flutter as you look back at your own adventures in the past, Robbie Vonn has us reaching for the window to see the beauty in the world that can be hidden by so much darkness on ‘If I(feat. Juliet Lyons).

Robbie Vonn is a soulfully advanced American indie-pop solo artist who performs with a world-class attitude and supremely glorious ambience.

His fine music creations seem to have a rare gift that has you looking for the bright light which wants to find you, that comes after all the sadness from before. There is so much to like about a breathtaking song that packs an honest punch – filling your curious mind with engaging ideas – on how to separate away from whatever is holding you back on fully expressing yourself.

Robbie Vonn, in a simple and elegant way; makes life, loss, and love tangible in his visionary pop sound.” ~ Robbie Vonn

If I(feat. Juliet Lyons) from the always-evolving American indie-pop solo musician Robbie Vonn, is such a quality song that is easy to get lost in. His stylish range of skills comes through on each second projected here, which is only strengthened by a stunning air of class from an enlightened singer who is as sensationally appealing as they come. A truly top-notch effort is in store for your ravenous ears to consume greedily, as you close your eyes and imagine what is actually possible if you get out of your own head.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen