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Bangkok’s most enticing alt-rock outfit Stay Awake welcome us to the ‘Brave New Normal’

Fans of Alexisonfire, Rise Against, and Bad Religion will want to make the same amount of time for the Bangkok-based alt-rock powerhouse, Stay Awake, after the release of their sophomore EP, ‘Portraits’.

Track 1, Brave New Normal, is the perfect introduction to Stay Awake’s hardcore sound and even harder-hitting lyrics. After forming in 2018, they’ve garnered plenty of international acclaim and sharpened their sound to a piercing precision.

With catchy choruses that could easily captivate main stage festival crowds and simple yet efficaciously clever lyrics, “we face each day behind a mask, 2020 vision is useless”, Brave New Normal is a nuanced matured take on hardcore that will undoubtedly take Stay Awake to even greater heights.

Check out the latest EP from Stay Awake on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Colors In Mind Reach Music Peaks

If you draw a Venn diagram of exploratory music, where the intersection between technical metal, progressive and post-rock occurs you won’t find a whole lot of bands, but you will find Colors in Mind. With their latest release, Yugen Peaks they build their sound on a wonderfully fluid post-rock template, one that eschews the 4/4 signature and rigid verse-chorus ethic of traditional rock and instead wanders its own musical journey, often lingering in one lush musical landscape before flitting through more minimal territory, languishing in gentle, bucolic beauty and then climbing dramatic peaks.

It isn’t hard to see this approach as a modern day progressive classical music, the instruments may have been updated from the traditional format but the symphonic nature of the music is obvious to all. And l it tells its story as much through symphonic sound as it does the lyrics, it maybe be a less obvious, less direct method, but it is no less heart tugging, emotive and effective. It is music of the heart and soul, requiring total immersion. Whilst most music contains its own user manual amongst its beats and notes, one that tells the listener exactly how to interpret the message, this is more about osmosis, a vibe to be soaked up and ingested.