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I Will Remember Her Forever: Ambient musician Robot86 drops incredible new two track release in memory of his grandmother called ‘Last Night On Earth’

Sending our emotions into a spin with a release that is in loving memory of his grandmother who tragically passed away due to Covid-19 recently, ‘Last Night On Earth‘ shows us Robot86‘s feelings at this particular moment and the horrid dread that is lodged into his soul forever, as he felt so helpless.

Robot86 is a London, England-based electronic producer who’s music forges such strong emotions, with anger and frustration melted together, as a more calming energy also layers over all to give us such a fascinating and sad experience, somehow all at the same time.

On both these two tremendously constructed singles ‘Last Night On Earth‘ and ‘Space Fly‘, we find an artist in supremely inspired form. After losing someone he cared for so deeply, he has calmed his own mind by helping others too.

You feel in such a trance as a small tear flows down you cheek in sadness, you feel the pain and the broken heart, each second has been made with such love and the blustering beat on the 2nd track, certainly catches you unawares at the pulsating sound with enters your core.

Last Night On Earth‘ from London, UK-based electronic producer Robot86, leads us up above to the places so far away in our mind, as we bathe in these haunting sounds that has those cinematic old school breakbeats and such well-crafted soundscapes, that has our feelings uncertain, as we reminisce the past and connect it to the future.

The world may be a wild place right now, but through electronic music we can all be together as one throughout all moments that define us. It is the escape.

Stream this top new two-track release on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Paying tribute to lives lost but never forgotten: Solly finds peace though music on the exquisitely beautiful ‘She Can Run’

After breezing in with the peacefully excellent ‘Shelter‘ during the middle of 2020, Solly returns with his awe-inspiring new single, that speaks about dealing with pain through loss on ‘She Can Run‘.

Solly Margo aka Solly, is an ever-evolving dual NYC and LA-based indie-dream soul artist with style for days. who makes that calming type of music, no matter what the storm is outside. He is a truly authentic soul who has that extra quality that few posses and he has the ability to grab your attention- so you fly up to the clouds with him for a few minutes.

With a special sonic daydream fused with beautiful guitar strums and a stunning beat to catch our attention right away, you just know that this is going to be a great song. Full of real meaning and the sad story of losing his beloved grandmother and trusty dog right around the same time, has inspired this soulfully aware musician to make a touching tribute that they would be so proud of.

His caring and sweet vocal delivery that is layered with a bright and optimistic tone, with friends on the bass and electric guitar adding so much light on this sad topic, to create something truly special for our hearts to heal with. If you have ever dealt with heartbreak from loss, this is the kind of music to immerse yourself into deeply, so you can find the positives and to treasure the best memories you have of the dearly departed.

“I’m on a quest to reveal my purpose and authenticity through the art that I make alone and with others.” –Solly 

She Can Run‘ from the incredibly soulful Solly is a wonderful creation about sorrow when you deal with the loss of two important figures in your life. The ability to remember the great moments you had together and to let them be free, is an important step into healing and being happy again. After all, that is what they would of wanted for you.

Stream this reflective gem on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

An ode to celebrate our Mothers: Colombian Family man Karval brings us a classic on ‘Tu Sabes’ featuring the legend Lisandro Meza

An ode to celebrate our Mothers: Family man from Columbia Karval brings us a classic on ‘Tu Sabes’ featuring the legend Lisandro Meza.

This is a real song for the times that we are in, a song that speaks of love for the family, of wanting to hug their parents, but which in turn raises a prayer for those who they are no longer with us. This is a terrific message as lot of the world will certainly feel this notion. With a groovy style, with cinematic backdrops, this is a terrific new single for 2020.

Undoubtedly, this is an important stage of Karval’s career, as ‘Vivo Sabroso‘, ‘Take Out Al Borracho‘, ‘Feo Pero Formalito’, among others have been big hits back home and overseas too. You can also see the respect that Karval has for Lisandro, he looks up to him and they make quality music together.

This is a great song, no only because of its rhythm and lyrics, but also because of the teamwork of these two great artists, this is a sincere tribute that Karval shows to the great teacher Lisandro Meza. This is a real song that shows the respect these two have for each other: the rising star and the established legend. They only want to make great music and unite their country.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen