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Florida’s Most Promising Alt Rock Act GREYE Have Dropped the Colossal Track “So Far So Good”

Through dominating vocals atop of sultry Rock rhythms, Floridian Alt-Rock artist GREYE created an unforgettable release with their latest single “So Far So Good” which is the second track to be released from their upcoming album of the same title.

With the first single release grabbing the #1 spot on the World Indie Chart, it’s easy to expect big things for GREYE. Possibly even bigger than the anthemic sound they alchemically cooked up in So Far So Good.

The vocals find the perfect balance between ferocity and harmony, any fans of Joan Jett and later formed 90s Riot Grrrl artists will undoubtedly be bowled over by this colossal single.

With a powerhouse of instrumentalists laying down soaring riffs and laying the Wah on thick, So Far So Good has all the accessibility of Classic Rock, but underestimating GREYE’s distinctive talent would be a dangerous move.

You can check out GREYE’s single So Far So Good here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Pop Punk Meets 90s Grunge in Tough on Fridays’ Latest Single “Party Scene”

Fans of Alt 90s, Grunge and Pop Punk alike are going to want to make time for the absorbingly angsty latest single “Party Scene” from Texan Alt-Rock trailblazers Tough on Fridays.

If you could imagine what it would sound like if L7 and Green Day collaborated on a single, you’ll get a good idea of what is in store for you when you hit play on Party Scene.

Ennui may drip from the lyrical nihilism which is lyrically reminiscent to bands such as Fidlar. But thanks to the energetic momentum in the short and sweet track, Party Scene is a dynamic hit which you’ll be all too happy to give repeat attention.

Party Scene is due for release on May 1st, and you can catch the live stream release show via Facebook. In the meantime, you can check out Tough on Fridays’ earlier Pop-infused raucous hits via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jeantalon Has Made her Unflinchingly Empowering Hip Hop Debut with “Gutta”

If anyone is looking for tips on how to get the perfect amount of grind into their Hip Hop tracks, hit play on Jeantalon’s debut single “Gutta” and grab a pen.

Gutta is a track which you immediately connect with. It’s raw, honest, and full of unflinching attitude which leaves you the impression that Jeantalon has got plenty to say. And you’d be quite right in that assumption.

Her debut single is an extension of her advocation for women to empower themselves and break free from the moulds which society tries to force us into. Quite honestly, as soon as I hit play, her empowered energy hit me and started to resonate in the same way as when I listen to an old 90s Riot Grrrl record. Any fans of Peaches will definitely want Jeantalon on their radars.

Gutta gives the essential invitation to women to own their sexuality and feel good about themselves as they try to be the best version of themselves. And that version is one which doesn’t need any exterior validation and one which throws away oppressive gender roles.

Did I just find a favourite Hip Hop artist of 2019? I think I did.

You can check out Gutta for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Choked Up – Home: Riot Grrrl Attitude Meets Punchy Pop Punk Rhythm

I got pretty excited to hear Babes in Toyland are releasing new material. I got even more excited to discover an up and coming band exuding the same raw, unfalteringly visceral Riot Grrrl energy.

Brooklyn-based fascism-overthrowing Queercore Punk artist Choked Up has recently released their latest single “Home”. The bouncing rhythms make it all too easy to share in the same dynamic energy of the track while the guitar solos make it all too evident that that Choked Up is a powerhouse outfit.

There’s a rarely found expressive animation within Cristy C. Road’s vocals which is boundlessly resonant. If you’re looking for empowering tracks to add to your playlists, it’s safe to say that there are few as efficacious in enabling you to harness your angst as Home.

Stream and download Home via Bandcamp. Or, you can watch the music video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast