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VITA has dropped one of the most ensnaringly Avant-Garde debuts of the year with BADBADBAD.

With her debut single, BADBADBAD., the icon in the making VITA is pushing alternative attitude and avant-garde textures into the mainstream, which is all a part of her mission to break society’s boundaries, and encourage her listeners to do the same.

If you could imagine the fierce feminine ferocity of Peaches paired with the earworm appeal of Rihanna and the extreme multidimensional artistry of SKYND, you will be able to get an idea of what the Sydney-hailing artist delivered in her arrestingly promising debut.

If the sonic gravitas isn’t enough to leave you enraptured, her determination to carry the power of her ancestry in her rebellious modern sound will be more than efficacious. Vita was named after her great aunt who died in the Holocaust; once you register the sheer juggernaut power in BADBADBAD. with that in mind, it is enough to leave you with goosebumps.

BADBADBAD. is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Coco Latt’e Presents Her Single Comfortable

Smooth R&B vibes with pleasant pop hooks and electronic influences.

Coco Latt’e has a sweet artist moniker who gives off a sense of warmth and coziness, just like a glass of delicious, creamy chocolate milk on a winter night. Her music is indeed sweet and embracing, offering the warmth of pop and the edgy emotional attitude of soul. Her recent single, “Comfortable”, is a driven, powerful and charismatic track that showcases an enticing groove and amazing production values, along with Coco’s trademark vocal performance. The sound of this track makes me think of artists as diverse as Rihanna, The Weeknd or D’Angelo, just to mention but a few. Her sound is direct and approachable, bridging the gaps between the widespread appeal of pop music and the direct groove of R&B, with an electronic twist.

Ultimately, this song stands out as a perfect example of an artist who is able to create engaging music, while retaining a lot of passion and integrity into her unique vision.

Find out more about Coco Latt’e and do not miss out on “Comfortable” and other releases from this talented singer and performer

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Barbara Kiss Releases Cinematic Video For Her New Track “Runaway”

Barbara Kiss is a hard working singer songwriter from Hungary with a raw and natural voice that is capable of expressing a myriad of emotions through a delicate tone that projects her strength and vision. With her brand new video for the song “Runaway” she truly has created something beautiful which is able to capture an audience and immerse them in a cinematic experience all while showcasing her skills in music.

Apart from Barbara Kiss’ natural voice with a gentle vibrato that colours her vocal tone uniquely, and a stunning video to accompany the music, it is evident that this song is very nicely polished and ready for a great success. This young lady’s strong sense of natural style and fashion not only resonates through the video but also through the music itself. With piano and swelling string sounds together with a gentle chorus section in combination with a strong melody “Runaway” is one of those songs which will remain stuck in your head for a long time. It is evident that this girl truly has something special to offer and her voice brings out a unique natural beauty in music that can rarely be found.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

A&R Factory Present: Aaron

Aaron is a 22 year-old London based singer-songwriter. She writes classic pop songs with an alternative electronic sound, wherein synthpop meets eighties R&B. Her work is characterised by lyrical prowess, honesty and emotion. Aaron has worked with the likes of Corey Chorus (Rihanna), Brey (Jessie Ware) and MNEK (Duke Dumont) and has been writing for artists such as Ed Thomas, Arlissa and Dante.

Her new alternative pop track “Easy” has been produced and also co-written by Caradog Jones and mixed and mastered by Adam Lunn (Jessie Ware/Cheryl Cole/Gabrielle Aplin/Jessie J). Great summer track, 5 stars from us!