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Texas born Rapper Riff Raff and OMG Ronny speed in with ”Hop Out The Lamb”

New school Hip Hop artist Riff Raff returns with his swaggy and bouncy track called ”Hop Out The Lamb”. Here is a musician in full form here with this summer rap track that is sure to get pulses racing as much as his flashy Lamborghini.

Riff Raff aka Jody Highroller aka Dale Dan Tony is an American rapper who’s family is of Swedish, German, Russian & Israeli heritage. His music is cutting edge and makes its known here that he is feeling in full form. This track is all about the swag and hopping in and out of his Lamborghini, is how he is rolling now. After a tough life, Riff is enjoying the full fruits of his labor. With a sharp flow, he is fully in tune to what the new school Hip Hop fans crave. Quickfire music that makes you dance and slide at the party. This is a high-flying artist who is on the way up the ranks of the world scene.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dream-Rap? Is That Even A Thing?

Even with the amount of new music being made every day, with sheer weight of collective imaginations, the genre splicing experiments, the fusing and fusion of styles Garrison Carver seems to be on to something new here. Yes, there is a trippy trap beat, a cool R&B vibe and a rap delivery but that is then cocooned in something totally unexpected. Around these more expected elements he wraps a dream-pop haze, chilled psychedelia and electronic washes.

It’s confusing, but experience tells us that is a good thing, expectations are made to be subverted, rules are made to be broken and new musical horizons are their to be explored and DD does all of those things and more. Blissed out hip-hop? Ethereal R&B? Dream-rap? Are those even a thing? The fact that you have to invent whole new genres to put the music in is an indication of just how original this music is and how singular and lateral Garrison Carver’s thinking is.