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Silly Love: Faith Louise drops dynamically reflective romantic love letter on 8th single Heartbreak

After last exhilarating us with her previous single Summer Fun, Faith Louise performs with maturing excellence on a love story which will tangle many souls into a web of wonder on Heartbreak.

Faith Louise is an Essex, UK-based pop singer-songwriter phenomenon which has released 7 successful singles and is signed to Regent Street Records.

It is a song about the unsureness and worry of your heart being broken in a relationship that’s actually a really healthy one. It explores the confusion of why such a good person has entered your life, and how the mind thinks about the what-ifs and maybes. All feelings many of us feel and can hopefully connect to whilst listening to the song.” ~ Faith Louise

Wondering how this love will conquer the moment when she doesn’t give it up quickly, Faith Louise sings with honesty and courageousness in this revealing message.

With exquisite vocals and a range that could make many listen twice, this is a rather lovely effort from such a caring heart who is in a dream of introspection.

Heartbreak from Essex, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter Faith Louise is a sensational track which is surely cinematic in nature. Feeling stuck for a moment and wondering what the future is holding, we are opened up to a stunning performance by one of the most imaginative artists in the game.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lil goosey feels the pain of dealing with disloyalty on ‘Heartbreaker’

Released from his well-received 8-track album called ‘The Eternal Dark Void‘, Lil goosey sends us a reminder that it’s certainly best to stick with those who are loyal when you are up or down on ‘Heartbreaker‘.

Immanuel Artemio Ewing aka Lil goosey is a Norfolk, Virginia-born indie Hip hop artist who is on a mission via his latest project to assist those who have either relationship or anxiety-related issues.

My next project aims to help people with depression and anguish and show them that he is not alone and that he can win in everything he sets out to do.” ~ Lil goosey

With honest and relevant lyrics that will have you nodding in agreement if you have ever felt that a slithering snake is ready to bite you, Lil goosey drops a flow-heavy track that has you counting those real friends on one hand. He is a self-enlightened artist who has seen the evil nature of the hood that wants that easy success when actually hard work and believing in yourself is the only way to financial freedom.

Heartbreaker‘ from Norfolk, Virginia-born indie Hip hop artist Lil goosey, is an honest single about seeing that some people are just keen to be around when your wallet is padded and times are at their best. After seeing those fake vibes that have frustrated him to the max, he now knows that he is only interested in helping his true family and going for success no matter who is wishing for his downfall.

Trusting himself is the only option when evil shadows are lurking around like blood-thirsty sharks in the moody ocean.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tell Me Who You Are: Matthew Solberg wants his lover to break the mental barrier on ‘Wall of Doubt’

Bringing us a delicate performance about self-doubt and how it can transform everything in a relationship, Matthew Solberg sings with that rare emotional significance that will have you knocking down that pesky ‘Wall of Doubt‘.

Matthew Solberg is an emerging Nashville, Tennesse-based indie solo singer-songwriter who writes smartly scripted melodies that strikes at your heartfelt consciousness as he takes you for a gloriously gentle ride.

As he smoothly guides us into this moving story that clearly means so much to him personally, Matthew Solberg delivers a crisp performance that is minus unnecessary bluster and served only with such meaningful grace by a true gentleman. His intricate guitar playing is a marvellous blend of understated genius, that gushes in briskly and give you hope of finding solutions to a romance that is temporarily lost in the winds of change.

Wall of Doubt‘ from the Nashville, Tennesse-based indie solo singer-songwriter Matthew Solberg, is a well-constructed single that has you feeling in a mightily thoughtful mood. Things have veered away from where they were and you wish that it was different, so that you may be connected with your true soulmate just like the universe intended.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ll Take Control: Toronto’s Paper Eros sends us a saucy message of desire with ‘Love Sex Sin’

With a wild side that will leave many either feeling uncomfortable or fascinated, Paper Eros are back with a heat-filled new single about exploration on ‘Love Sex Sin‘.

Paper Eros is a sensual Toronto, Canada-based indie alt-pop act that strive to teach us more about the relationship between domination and submission, pain and comfort, whilst also singing about reality and fantasy.

”We wanted to create a disjointed, rough, yet danceable track that was unapologetically designed for sexual liberation.”- Paper Eros

This is the blindfold type of song that has your mind full of imagination, as he sings with no inhibitions at all, the words are to the point, with the beat pulsating through your veins and to your whole body.

The beat has thinking about your deepest desires, with the safe word discussed before, your eyes locked onto each other as the night starts to heat up quickly.

Love Sex Sin‘ from Toronto’s alt-pop act Paper Eros, is a journey to the dim-lit bedroom in your mind, where your imagination takes over through a rush of passion from a song that certainly has your attention.

Hear this steamy new single on Spotify and see their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rocking through lockdown: Echo Strike show continued growth on the exciting ‘Catch Me’

Rocking through lockdown: Echo Strike show continued growth on the exciting ‘Catch Me‘ and this is a dance-pop journey that takes us into the mind of a paranoid lover.

After being stranded in Argentina at the beginning of the world lockdown, this has allowed the fine band to mesh together and put together new music. The results scream a hat-trick that Maradona would be proud of. This is a band that are clearly close and their mix of sonic indie rock pop speaks volumes for all the hours they put in when live shows got cancelled.

Taken off the new full album called ‘Not Inside Your Mind‘, this is the first and best track off the new release. The beat gets you ready and the vocals are different, so catchy- with added flavor to keeps us satisfied. You feel really thoughtful on this song and think of current or previous relationships and how they make you feel.

You care about them so much but feel like you have done something wrong at home and don’t want to go back right now. You are thinking that perhaps you should let things cool down and then go back to see what has happened.

Catch Me‘ is such a fun listen and is full of ebbs and flows that always feel right. The electro style satisfies when you turn it up and this is a track to be enjoyed all day. With a promising sound and an attitude that you just can’t help but like, this is a band that are on the right road for global interest.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen