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Runtingz Family Stamp Down Their Rhythmically Soulful Dub Style with “The Runtingz Anthem”

Even those who are no stranger to Dub, Dancehall, Ska, Soul, and Reggae will struggle to find an artist who possesses the same authentic aural edge as the Runtingz Family.

Their latest track “the Runtingz Anthem” which was released December 2018 is already well on its way to becoming a viral hit. The massive collaboration combined the talents of Lion Rezz, Israel Starr, Lomez Brown, Raggadat Cris, and POETIK. The track weaves its way through plenty of variants of urban rhythm, from Ska to R&B to Rap; the Runtingz Anthem has it all to create one of the smoothest, yet simultaneously energetic tracks you could ever add to your playlist. And you can be sure that each of the vocal offerings are as indulgently sweet as the up-vibe tonality of the Runtingz album.

You can check out the latest single by the Runtingz Family by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Wise Bloods – Never Given it Away: The Roots of Reggae Infused with the Hype of Hip Hop

If Reggae isn’t one of the main features of your summertime playlists, then you’re pretty much doing it all wrong. The Wise Bloods have just dropped their latest single Never Given it Away just in time for all the lucky Reggae fans that like to soak up a little Soul with their Summer anthems.

Never Given it Away is a blinding cross over between Reggae and Hip Hop, it packs quite the punch with the roots and rhythm which is served up by the bouncing high-vibe beat which is driven by the instrumental licks of the guitar and bass which set up the perfect Reggae Ska style melody. If the aural alchemy on the track doesn’t move you, then the lyrics definitely will.

Despite the Wise Bloods never giving it away, they were kind enough to let you listen to their latest single for free on Soundcloud along with the rest of their 2018 EP ‘Emergence’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jericho Spitz – An addictive personality

Jericho Spitz makes the perfect sound creations for the modern music fan, just the right blend of old school familiarity and new ideas and the result is a slick urban groove-laden, R&B infused track, one perfect for the clubland dance floor and pop picker alike. It speaks to the cutting edge rap scene, although it is individual enough to stand enough apart from that as well, but it also echoes with the sensuality of blues divas, jazz singers and soul acts of the past.  This isn’t about re-inventing those past times but it is certainly the successor to much of it.

Addicted To Your Thickness, therefore, represents this balance of old and new, traditional sounds and modern exploration perfectly blended as she merges skittering, electro-R&B beats with more cultish underground vibes, deft rap flow and pop infectiousness. Throw in a soulful vibe and some darker and sensual moves balanced with an edgy and domineering stance and you have something rather special. The result is music that will both connect with the commercial crowd but also has mass appeal to the more discerning, underground markets, music which is at once inventive and clever but without being anything other than a cool and accessible pop record, one that feels like chart positioning and mainstream radio play is just around the corner.


Junior Dread Ton – Swamp-hop!

Black Purple and Green Lights is the sound of the reggae groove getting an ambient make over, of the same sultry vibe being torn down and rebuilt using electronica and rap deliveries. Over a lazy and sultry hip-hop groove he hangs soulful vibes, cool and unhurried grooves, sensual brass calls from the distance and the vocals are somewhere between relaxed and wonderfully world weary. It beats with a hip-hop heart but it also evokes a timeless blues bar jams, late night parties and a strange blend of otherworldly soundtrack and urban street smarts.

But I guess that is how the whole scene rolls forward and you can run a thread through blues, reggae and soul that eventually takes you to hip-hop and then beyond as that in turn has evolved into its own offshoots and sub-genres But they all come from the underground, form honest expression, from the heart, which is why blending them together seems such a natural thing to do. So natural that it is amazing that no one has managed to weave them together this brilliantly before. Then again, there always has to be someone who gets there first!

And even though there is a wonderful familiarity to the song, Black Purple and Green Lights does feel like a first, a bold step forward, a post-genre style, perhaps called swamp-hop that pushes beyond the rules and regulations, ignores the fickle finger of fashion and has no time for musical guardians and narrow-minded pedants telling it what hip-hop should be about.


705 – Put It on Me: A Clash of Cultures

705 is the latest musical venture of a delectably talented underground London based World music artist. It’s almost impossible to deconstruct this track with it’s eclectic base of influences.

The sound behind Put It on Me is packed with pounding momentum as it transgresses through it’s range of styles, encapsulating you in it’s feverish beat which is loosely defined by the Hip Hop, Reggae & R&B genre, influenced by artists such as Tupac, 50 Cent and Michael Jackson amongst 70’s reggae artists to create a playful euphoric sound.

The enigmatic artist has kept on the London underground with his music where he shares his upbeat energy with the crowd curtesy of his afrobeat’s styling which defines his lyrical flow that complements a perfectly rounded beat that rings with synergetic momentum.

Check out the EP 7Heaven via Spotify now:…JY5D?si=8H1UcQu0

Or head on over to 705’s official website for more information on tours and upcoming releases:


Let it All Go with SeanGon’s Latest Reggae R&B Reinvention

Good Vibes have always found a home in urban music. Whether it be in R&B or Reggae, we can’t get enough of the upbeat playful sounds to accompany our less than mellow lifestyles.

US Rapper & R&B SeanGon has created the ultimate sound to unwind to. His sweet and sonorous take on R&B is enough to make it all slip away in a lucid state of awe as you unwind to his playful Reggae style in his latest track Let It All Go.

After exploring the rest of his 420 friendly tracks, it’s clear that SeanGon has developed a stand out style through tackling less than happy subjects such as death and still manage to remain so upbeat, usually when lyrics include “I think I could die”, it’s more than a little depressing. Yet SeanGon has the gift of being able to shed light on the darkest of contemplations.

The transgression in the track is a seamless mix of harmony tinted with euphoric reverberation, immersive acoustic instrumentals and of course the smooth vocals of SeanGon.

It’s all to easy to fall in love with SeanGon’s inventive Reggae sound, check out SeanGon’s latest track on SoundCloud via the link below:


Desmond The Songwriter Releases Hopeful Reggae Song ‘Rise Up’

The phrase Rise Up means a lot of things to a lot of people. It brings up feelings of revolt and revolution. It brings forth anger and pain and so much more in the conversations of today. For Desmond the Songwriter, the phrase has a greater simplicity. To rise up is simply to get further, to bring yourself higher and to be in a better state. Rise Up is a song that is honest and humble. It’s a mission statement but that mission is pure. It isn’t about us against them. It isn’t about changing the world. It’s simply about using what makes you happy and what you are good at and giving it back to the world in exchange for greater status.

Rise up is upbeat despite talks of down-to-Earth struggles. It’s a hopeful song with bright cymbal percussion and staccato keyboards. Desmond the Songwriter knows who he is and acknowledges the issues he may face in his life, but doesn’t let those worries get in his way. Music inspires him and he plans on giving that inspiration back using his musical talents. This is a song that only makes you root for Desmond and wish him the best in his journey, it’s one that makes one self-aware of their own goals. It would appear Desmond has achieved his goal of being an inspiring figure. Let’s show him the fruits of his labor and Rise Up beside him.


Be Mine The Latest track from Dennis Brown Jr son of the late great Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown Jr. is an artist and performer with a passion for great dub, reggae and electronic dance tones. His recent release, Be Mine, is a stunning example of what happens when great production aesthetics converge with skilled songwriting and personal lyrics. The song is a great peak into the artist’s vision, as well as a perfect gateway into a new, exciting sonic world.

In this particular production, Dennis set out to impress the audience with high-energy performances, as well as with memorable melodies and catchy arrangements that feel readily appealing, yet never trite or banal. Creating music that feels simple, yet sophisticated is probably the most deceptively complicated task. It is so easy to fall into the “trap” of self-indulgence, but Dennis managed to bridge the gaps between innovation and timelessness on this amazing release.

Be Mine  as a very upbeat feel, and the balanced mix truly helps every single element in the music stand out: the beat is powerful, but never overpowering. The vocals are present, yet never too dominant: this allows the song to flow smoothly and evenly across the entire spectrum, offering an amazing listening experience to the audience!


James Ghareeb Debuts New Single ‘Do It With Luv’

James Ghareeb without hesitation dives straight into a free-spirited atmosphere, his voice bright and breezy, creating a glowing vibe throughout “Do It With Luv”. The track represents a summery illusion, where the high tones contrast with the cheery beats, no matter what happens there is perpetual optimism. The reggae qualities of the melody resonates a feeling of euphoria, a focal attribute which is a recurring feature of the track.

“Do It With Luv” is a reminder of genuine happiness, a predominant factor we struggle to identify in everyday life. Ghareeb captures this insouciant sentiment with no strings attached, portraying an all or nothing perception. Although Ghareeb’s cheery vocals dominates the track, the variety of aesthetic instrumentals accompany the mood of the song flawlessly. Whilst the percussion lightly supports the radiant vibe, when Ghareeb sings, “Whatever you do you do it with luv/Wherever you go you show them your heart” there is a hidden celebration where we rejoice, and relish in how it feels to love with your heart. Ghareeb’s voice demonstrates a care-free outlook on how the world should be, rather than the way it is. And for a split second, Ghareeb recreates a fanatical vision.

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-Aly Mchugh


Santino Salvadore’s summer time jam ‘The Keyword is Money’

We all know a handful of people dedicated to aesthetic. It’s a pursuit of image and can mean a great deal of compromise in one’s personal life. You may find yourself unable to wear certain clothing or to enjoy certain activities. One of the most painful sacrifices can be missing out on genuinely good music. Imagine hearing what could be the song of your summer and reeling at the fact that it’s not quite dark enough or dirty enough for you to be seen listening to it. Santino Salvador has the perfect cure for this illness of self-limiting: The Keyword is Money.

This track sways  like summertime jam that finds you near a coast, possibly fresh out of the water and into the nearest, sleaziest bar available. It’s the perfect balance between relaxing in the sun and sinking into smoke. With a familiar take on classic reggae rhythms and an expressive brass section, the song takes on a life of its own inhabitable by anyone. Summer goth? Hardcore punk in need of a cooldown? Maybe a pop fan looking to take a walk into something unexpected. This song oozes guilty pleasure for a wide variety of people. Santino Salvador will undoubtedly show a knack for bringing people together via this sketchy, catchy tune.

-Paul Weyer

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