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Jonathan Machen, aka Profit, sells sanctuary in his hip-hop pop track, Refuge

Singer, hip-hop artist and songwriter Jonathan Machen, aka Profit, is living and breathing proof that regardless of how many battle scars your trauma brandishes you with, success will always be in the sightline if you look for it.

Following his viral debut single, Daydreaming, which has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify alone since it dropped in 2021, his sophomore single, Refuge, is a consoling reminder that everyone deserves sanctuary regardless of the hostility the world has shown you before.

The country hip-hop-meets-pop instrumentals against his compassion-soaked vocals that run through the lyrics and affirm everyone deserves another soul to fall into hits all the right evocative notes while unravelling as a hook-rife melodic earworm.

Jonathan Machen’s distinctive approach to music starts to contextualise around the understanding that his life experiences shaped his creativity more than any artist came before him. After suffering from extensive burns that covered 90% of his body, his self-confidence ebbing away at an early age through bullying and becoming a single father of three while dealing with the grief of losing his mother and everything he owned, music has always been his peace and motivation. Now at 35 years old, in a happy marriage, he is here to confirm that injustice never has to last forever.

Refuge was released on January 6th; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

All Stories: Host Bodies will never change the walking memories on ‘Refuge’ (feat. Containher)

Showing us exactly what we needed to feel rather deeply after a long time hidden away, Host Bodies have dropped, possibly one of the most passionate singles of the year with the excellent ‘Refuge(feat. Containher).

Host Bodies are a sensational San Francisco, California-born indie electronic duo who perform with an electrifying edge to savour on each of their sizzling tracks.

Written during the pandemic, a time of deep reflection for all of us, the track tells a story from the perspective of someone left alone to wander a library of personal memories. Taking refuge among the books, all the unplanned moments in life emerge as experiences too priceless to trade.” ~ Host Bodies

Glistening with a rather fantastic fragrance that is perfect to let wade over your battered soul after dealing with so much heartache, Host Bodies steam up our day with a toasty track that definitely has that extra mayo to sauce up proceedings.

Packed with pure precision, laser sharp aim and a lot of gusto, this is a playlist-adding track loaded with greatness sprinkled everywhere.

A natural collaboration formed between Containher and Host Bodies after playing at Starcrash, SF’s electronic music residency at DNA Lounge in early 2020. Almost two years later, the first of many more tracks arrives just as both artists return to live shows.”  ~ via Host Bodies Bandcamp page.

Refuge(feat. Containher) from San Francisco, California-born indie electronic duo Host Bodies is a stunning single that is made with so much love and inspiration. With a fresh aura that reminds one of a swim in clear water during summer, this is a hot track that might leave a burn if you don’t treat the climates just right.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen