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Wait All Night: Wisconsin country act Eric Hagen and Red River Revival can’t wait to get a glimpse of her again on ‘Hope’

Taken off his striking five-track ‘Crossroads Motel‘ EP from earlier this year, Eric Hagen and Red River Revival reminds us that it is possible to catch the eye of the one who you desire no matter how long it takes on ‘Hope‘.

Eric Hagen and Red River Revival is an indie Americana/folk/blues/rock and country act based in Door County, Wisconsin. Led by Eric, this is a soulfully expressive band with an honest touch who create that perfect road trip music.

Hagen has always been around music in some form or fashion. His first words may have even been “Hey Jude”. He grew up listening to records his parents played including The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan. Many timeless records still influence his music today in combination with newer artists such as Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton.” ~ Eric Hagen

You feel the calming nature of a truly skilled singer-songwriter who has many a story to tell from his travels. His intricate musicianship is of a really high standard – as his smooth vocals have you lighting the romantic candles – and pouring another cold one with ice, to get the whole picture of this movie-like experience.

Hope‘ from the Wisconsin-based indie Americana/folk/blues/rock and country act Eric Hagen and Red River Revival, is the story of wishing that you could spend more time with her as you feel like there is a special bond. Sung with a majestic tone that towers over all your self-doubts and sadness, this is a wonderful effort that has you feeling so reflective.

Sometimes you can’t be together with that true soul who you want at first, as the timing seems to be off every time. That hope of it finally coming together no matter the time of night, keeps you coming back for more.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen