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R&B Pop Artist BEA KADRI Has Recently Released Her Latest Soulfully Cathartic Single “B4WBU”

Up and coming R&B Pop artist BEA KADRI has found the perfect balance between familiarity and contemporary ingenuity in her latest track “B4WBU” which saw its debut on November 23rd.

BEA KADRI is an artist with a perceptible talent when it comes to taking crushing pain and creating works of cathartic soul; it is artists in possession of that deft ability who are worth their weight in gold. There’s little room to wonder why so many listeners have been so keen to ingest the resonance in her highly relatable tracks.

There have been plenty of tracks written about moving on. Yet, they’re rarely as boldly honest as the unfiltered lyrics you’ll find in B4WBU; a track inspired by the conflicted emotions felt following on from a breakup and not having the time to process reality sinking in.

You can check out the official music video to BEA KADRI’s single B4WBU by heading over to YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast