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Putting the effort in: Ravenscode rock in with a powerful message on ‘Get It Right’

Ravenscode have been firing on full cylinders since 2012/13 and they return with a fantastically rumbustious new single that will get your heart rate up to the max on ‘Get It Right‘.

Canadian four-piece Alt-Rock outfit Ravenscode are from Windsor, Southwestern Ontario, and their tremendous thudding indie sound catches your attention right away due to their excellent sound, and gritty vocals that lifts the standard in 2021.

We are living on borrowed time and this is the true story of just going for it and trying to do things the right way. Fortune definitely favors the brave in life and not giving up is absolutely paramount to success. Getting things right all the time is almost impossible but giving it a full go is exactly what the aim should be with any endeavor.

With a catchy sound that reminds you of Foo Fighters, the gritty solos gets you moving and with a thumping energy that doesn’t stop for a second, this is exactly the type of exciting music that is needed during these strange times.

Get It Right‘ from Ravenscode is an exhilarating single from the Canadian four-piece Alt-Rockers and you can see why they are beloved and respected all over North America.

Doing things the proper way is the old school way of thinking and the best remedy for being truly happy inside. If you feel you have achieved something, your heart glows and you feel a sense of achievement. In a world full of fake flash in the pans, this is the type of mentality that is much-appreciated and should be spread to all corners of the globe.

Hear this fast-paced gem on Soundcloud and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen