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Welcome To Earth: K3NDY (feat. Rass Limit) show us what is wrong with the planet on ‘Ground Zero’

As they both look outside the tainted window and tell us exactly what they see, K3NDY (feat. Rass Limit) show us into their honest world of knowing that greed and selfishness of so many in power, will be the end of the human race before too long on ‘Ground Zero’.

K3NDY is a Cologne, Germany-based indie singer-songwriter who fuses emo-pop and rock-punk together into one explosive mixture of incredible sounds. She has linked up with fellow Cologne-based former rapper and now punk artist Rass Limit, as they show obvious chemistry, to lab up a powerful concoction which is one of the more truthful songs of 2021.

They know we are so lost as a race, as they confidently step on the gas and throw down all the cards onto the table. The guitar skills are highly impressive, as the honest lyrics link so well together with vibrant vocals that has your head moving and your mind working extra. You know that they are right and the time for change is definitely here, before it is too late and the whole world burns down.

Ground Zero’ from the unmistakably talented Cologne singer-songwriter K3NDY (feat. Rass Limit), is a thunderous display between two artists who mesh so well together. Hand in hand, they take us on an honest ride through the streets to see the destruction – on land and water that will ultimate define us as the generation that didn’t do enough – to stop the hurtful carnage that is seeping into our planet each second.

Always wanting more has turned so many into blood thirsty zombies, and this is crushing all the love that has been build up over so many centuries before us.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rass Limit – I’m Like: Bringing Music Back to Basics

Rass Limit is a conceptual Hip Hop artist from Cologne, Germany. His brand new debut hit proves that there’s more to Germany than pounding electronic industrial music. He’s orchestrated old school R&B Hip Hop with rap arrangements worked in for a contemporary sound that impossible to ignore. He’s definitely not shy when it comes to expressing is feelings through his veracious lyrics which are packed with all of the attitude that you’d expect from a Hip Hop artist.

Whilst the beat behind his debut track ‘I’m Like’ is pretty limited and minimal compared to most Hip Hop tracks it accentuates his lyrical ability and the anger behind his progressive lyrics. It almost has an acoustic element to the backing which is rather becoming for the home grown artist.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from the visionary Rass Limit after this 2 minute taster track, but it’s all you need to get hooked on his beat after this antagonising quick listen in which he provides an abundance of animosity and crass style.