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If Hearts Could Talk: Sensational Jersey singer Raquel Liane is here to correct things on ‘Juice’

Taken off the recent cheeky six-track EP release called ‘F.L.I.R.T.’ (Finding Love in Real Time), Raquel Liane brushes her stunning purple hair so sweetly and sensually kisses the mic with a delicious new single, all about making a genuine soul happy after previous heartbreak called ‘Juice‘.

Raquel Liane Martinez aka Raquel Liane (pronounced Rock-El-Lee-An) is a Jersey, USA-based, Puerto Rican-American indie RnB singer-songwriter. She makes that feel-good music that has your healing heart beating so much faster, as she sings with such a genuine beauty.

Using music as her main outlet to cope and communicate, she chooses to be extremely vulnerable in her songwriting in order to connect with fans on a deep and truthful level ultimately aiming to inspire people to be honest and open with their struggles and give strength to overcome them.” ~ Raquel Liane

Sung with such a delightful attitude that is naughty but nice – she has you in a peaceful trance that is rather dream-like – as you remember feeling so delightfully content with your day, after seeing someone who took your breath away.

Juice‘ from the succulency-tipped vocals of the honey-dipped Jersey, USA-based Puerto Rican-American indie RnB artist Raquel Liane, is a tasty listen that has you smiling so broadly. This is the story about telling the person who you are crushing on – that you are indeed perfect for them – as you calmly await their response to see if you two can vibe together romantically, just like nature intended.

Hear this new freshly squeezed tune on Spotify and see her IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen