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Lemar Wallace Clarke – Raging Bull; A smooth blend of hip-hop and dance hall song

Have you ever listened to a music in a genre of another music genre? Hehe…Yeah, I know, it sure sound like an outlandish rhyme but it’s a real fact. “Raging bull” is one of delectable and thought provoking  single from Lemar Wallace-Clarke’s new music album which he titled – “A King Without A Throne”.

Of course this song is a hip-hop / rap song with a blend of that distinctive sound from Reggae/dance music genre. So let’s just call it this Lemar’s Raging Bull a “Rapggae” genre.

This track is quite a cool and a slow clinched song which is characterized by beautiful reggae vibe that’s got a rapid and intense classic tempo.

The artist, in this song calmly shared his life stories with absolute steadiness and serenity.

On the course of its smooth progression as it seems, the reggae vibe that was much felt and heard at the start off point of the song got submerged into a steady genre of cool slow hip hop vibe.

Lemar’s flexibility is quite remarkable; the top score still remains the braveness of the artist to intertwine two different music genres together with apt smoothness. This song is still a great piece although it could have been more better and well-pitched if the brevity of one particular music sound in the song is substituted with equality that’s on par with the second sound till the very last minute of the song.