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7 track ‘No Proper Domain’ EP from Hip Hop artist Burniscous brings us a fiery effort up there with the best

No Proper Domain‘ EP from Hip Hop artist Burniscous brings us a fiery effort up there with the best due to the skillful flow and raw energy. Burniscous is an artist that had fallen from grace. He now has fully embraced what he needs to do. He is back.

No Proper Domain‘ is an epic effort that is a hustlin’ journey that seems effortless, smooth and authentic. This is new school Hip Hop that has some elements of 2020 but this has an old school vibes. Starting with the self-tilted teaser two minute track that heats up all the way to the kitchen, things only get better.

With a skill set of a rugged flow and a nasty beat that is way impressive, this is one of the best alt-rap albums around this year. The best songs are all over the place and there is no real weakness anywhere in the Armour. ‘New Sermon on the Mount Flow‘ is probably the top track here and there are also acoustic efforts and singing here. This is a Hip Hop fuse and lots of different styles to enjoy with rap being the main one.

Burniscous is just getting started on ‘No Proper Domain‘. He is a fairly new talent is has so much to offer. That is the scary part. If you can make top music like this now, the future will be very bright indeed if you stay focused on the prize, not the ride. This is that proper raw Hip Hop, this emcee has the ability to lock you into the story real quick and you are hooked. The mysterious style helps a lot as this genre needs a new hero to support.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Yung Bleek rides in with the street-banger ‘Shit Real’ ft Fire

US rapper Yung Bleek rides in with the street-banger ‘Shit Real’ ft Fire and this heats up the music airwaves with a punchy beat and real lyrics.

Bryant Richard aka Yung Bleek is a young artist from the 9th ward in New Orleans, Louisiana in the USA. He is the youngest of 4 in a single family home with his mother. Growing up in New Orleans was rough and the streets taught him the game and how to survive. His life story is filled with sadness after he sadly lost his only brother Courtney at the age of 14. After he lost his brother, rapping became his safe heaven and a way to express his feelings. Since then, he’s been doing lots of rap collaborations with his cousin Fire with Murda Prince Productions and their music is making the streets notice.

There is a lot of street swag here, the beat is busty and moist, the raps are clearly portrayed and shines through the cracks. This is a new track that is a Hip Hop winner due to the smooth flows, these are top emcees in their prime that can only improve. This is a way into their life, things are hard out there but this is a song with a real punch. Yung Bleek rolls in with the street-banger ‘Shit Real’ ft Fire and this is a winner.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Mitty Kane rolls in with new Hip Hop track ‘Floss’

Mitty Kane rolls in with new Hip Hop track ‘Floss‘ and this is a banging song with plenty of intention.

This is all about knowing that your crew is the best in the hood. Your flows and style are too much for some to handle but you know its best. Other cats want to hang out but you are keeping your circle tight with no newcomers. You know what you need to do now and that involves keeping your circle focused and ready. The music is coming to you quickly and you want to take advantage of this situation.

Floss‘ from rapper Mitty Kane is a raw track, one with lots of hunger and determination. You can tell that he is the new kid on the block, making his name in the Hip Hop game in the US. This is a long road and with this fire however, the road will get a bit easier. The vocals are gritty with lots of heart and that is the best way to hear this genre. This is a promising track for 2020.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


D-9 Musick brings out ‘9-Scope’ EP for our listening pleasure

D-9 Musick brings out the brand new ‘9-Scope‘ EP for our listening pleasure.

This new project from D-9 Musick features Wop Kash, Plaay, Jane Doe and Lil Hollow. This is a Hip Hop filled journey through the 7 track effort. This is a smokey style, lots of 420 and loads of good music.

The headline tracks are definitely ‘Juice‘ and ‘Traffic’. The raps are ferocious throughout and these make my head bob the most. The beat is moody, like a drive-by kind of feel and this is that street-rap that most rappers wish they sounded like. This mesh of artists here is fantastic, the variety is so great for the listener as we head street stories and life in the hood.

9-Scope‘ EP from D-9 Musick is an underground Hip Hop release for the ages, this is a fine effort and we are treated to the raw feel of rap. Nothing is left behind here and this is an EP with music that will blare through the speakers.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Australian emcee Dawn Laird dusts off the mic in style on excellent ‘Doreen’

Doreen‘ is the new moody classic Hip Hop release from Dawn Laird as she impresses on this fab 10 track full album.

Newcastle emcee Dawn Laird has been a staple of the Australian music scene for the last 5 years, with countless supports, radio slots and features. This is now her time to shine.

Doreen‘ is named after Dawn’s grandmother who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Dawn Laird, dedicates this release to someone whose unconditional love is the reason she still in this world, due to the massive impact that she made.

The album is unapologetically Dawn, a larger than life personality with no punches being pulled. She doesn’t dance around topics such as sexism, weightism or her experiences in Hip Hop and life in general.

She wrote and recorded a lot of the tracks on ‘Doreen‘ during a time when she moved from Newcastle to the mid north coast to be closer to her grandmother. She’d gone into an aged care facility and Dawn wanted to be there for her. She was the kind of person who wanted to speak up but seldom did. She didn’t do a lot of pushing back or advocating for herself which meant the world wrote all over her in many ways. She believed in kindness over everything but that was often taken advantage of or mistaken for weakness. Rightly or wrongly, it never changed her belief that people were fundamentally good.

It’s taken a long time for Dawn to learn how to stick up for herself and other marginalised people in a meaningful and unapologetic way. ‘Doreen‘ is fundamentally a body of work about identity, courage, pushing back, catharsis, making space and transcending fear. ‘Look Nan, I can do courage now!’. – Dawn Laird

This is such a sad but inspiring story. The music matches the story and the lyricism is of a high standard with beautiful beats.

Doreen‘ from Dawn Laird is quality and my favourite song is by far ‘Days Like These‘. The lyrics are deep and I love how the song builds and builds, yes.. this is such good Hip Hop. In a genre that is so saturated, this has me smiling and also shedding tears for this artist’s loss. However, from loss we learn and the strength from the lost loved one is there for you to look after, you just have to grab it and never let go, maintaining your honesty throughout.

Doreen is so proud of you right now Dawn, please carry on your journey and helping others learn how to stick up for themselves, Please don’t let the cold world freeze you up, your kindness is really strength.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Australia’s Miles Casper flows in with fantastic ‘Messages’ (feat. SoLonely)

Miles Casper is a 19 year old singer-rapper from Melbourne, Australia and he is here with ‘Messages‘ (feat. SoLonely).

Miles’ music has evolved into a modern blend of hip-hop, pop and r&b; influenced by contemporaries such as Juice WRLD and Post Malone. Miles’ latest single ‘Messages‘ features popular Swedish rapper SoLonely, showcasing his versatility and provides a taste of what is to come.

Miles plans to release an exciting run of singles throughout the remainder of 2020 and this is so great to hear. He has such a terrific tone in his voice that is so unique is a swamped genre that sometimes is cheap and classless. Miles is different however and this is a true love song. You regret not sending some of those messages and saying what you mean. Sometimes this will scare the person in your life and might end things. However, it could help the relationship so this is a tricky road to think about.

The mood is set thanks to Miles Casper on his new ‘Messages‘ (feat. SoLonely) as this is a brilliant track that will inspire you.

Head through to the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Saint Jargo thumps the door down with statement Hip Hop sizzler ‘Uno’

Saint Jargo is the new single from the NYC rapper on he blazes in with the fiery ‘Uno‘.

Saint Jargo is an upcoming Hip Hop artist from Weston in New York. He is currently CEO of Entertainment Us Enterprise and is a new name to watch.

This is all about anger and frustration that has built up like a new block of flats being built. The noises and unrest are okay for a while but eventually things boil over. With all that is going on in world right now, this is a bullish piece of raw rap that is on a top beat and contains gritty lyrics that resonate with current times.

Released by his own label Entertainment us Enterprise, this is a smart move from the talented Hip Hop artist. Signing yourself is the way forward. Being on a big label can help you get out there but things can go south quickly depending on the deal of course.

Saint Jargo comes alive on ‘Uno‘ and this is an impressive performance from the US rapper as he takes his game up a notch.

Stream here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jay London silences the critics with music video for ”Back to the Bars” Ft. Criss Jrumz

The Official Music Video of “Back to the Bars” by Jay London featuring Criss Jrumz and guest starring Save Mars and Richie Black hits his critics in the mouth. Criticized recently for singing a lot, this is a big middle finger to all the haters. Jay is in a mood to let people know what he thinks and goes full tilt here.

Back to the Bars” Ft. Criss Jrumz is a really good song and video due to the skillful bars and the meaning behind the track. Jay was also in two minds as to whether or not to bring out new music to the Black Lives Movement which has been critical in educating the world. He decided to release new music anyway and I feel like that was the right move. New music is always welcome as to keep us happy during this wild time of pandemic and hate around.

Jay London is in inspired form for his new single “Back to the Bars” and this should turn down the volume of some of the negative voices. He has gone back to his roots and has made it clear that he will sing or rap. This is his life and will do whatever he feels is right.

Stream the video now on YouTube for your view of Jay as he does what he wants and let’s everyone know about it.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen