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Hell And Back: North Carolina rapper KidCaliMDMG shows us the slide city-flowing new single ‘Switch Up’

Taken off his latest flame-enhanced 4-track EP called ‘From Nothing To Something 2‘, KidCaliMDMG lights up and asks us to enjoy the vibe while we are still alive on ‘Switch Up‘.

KidCaliMDMG is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based indie hip-hop solo artist. He flows with an old school mentality, with vividly described stories about noticing how fake some people are, street stories, and experiences about being careful with your heart.

Started music at 14, i would freestyle all the time over beats in my free time And people would always say I had a flow and I should keep up with it so I did. As the years passed by, I created my own flow with a different style.” ~ KidCaliMDMG

After leading us into the picture of staying true to yourself no matter what others are up to, you find yourself nodding along to this brilliant storyteller. It feels like he has gone through a lot growing up, seen others fall by the wayside as they got caught up, and has vowed to rather keep things chill to the max and away from all energy-stealing and coffin-finding drama.

Switch Up‘ from the Raleigh, North Carolina-based indie hip-hop solo artist KidCaliMDMG, shows us a man who has a smoke-filled delivery that has you lighting up and getting close to your lover. With a catchy chorus that will keep you entranced the whole way though, a top quality beat that has a 90’s ambiance, plus cleverly-penned lyrics which are swagger-free, this is a fine single from an artist on the rise up.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Truth Hurts: New York-based RnB artist James Madx goes ‘Round and Round’ in circles on disappointment-fueled single

As he wonders what their true motivation was in the end as confusion swirls in the air, James Madx sings with a sad energy as he wishes his former lover would of been more honest to save the waste of time he now feels in his broken heart on ‘Round and Round‘.

James Madx is an Raleigh, North Carolina-born indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter, who is now based in busy New York City. He makes such a soothing blend of music soundscapes that is sung with such a healing energy, made with so much love and care.

Use what you have to make the best things possible. Often, the best things are made when there are limitations. Don’t be discouraged by what you don’t have, but seize the opportunity with what you do have.” ~ James Madx

This is a motivating creative who has risen above what transpired in the past – as he performs which such a sophisticated edge – that has you feeling like he is making meaningful music, which has a cultivated flavor that sets him apart from others in this often bloated genre.

Round and Round‘ from the New York City indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter James Madx, is that true story about thinking deeply about that moment that changed everything. You were hoping that they would be special but it turned out that they played you – as your mind goes in circles – you wish you hadn’t actually crossed paths again.

Love can be so cruel sometimes, if only one person feels the emotional connection.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen