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Mar Palafox lead the vanguard in his latest spacey hard rock single, Battle.

After a string of successful singles, the alt-rock solo artist Mar Palafox has released his debut self-titled album; expect an adrenalizing ensemble of power metal, prog rock and spacey hard rock.

Any fans of Dir En Grey, InMe and Porcupine Tree will be easily absorbed by the atmospheric textures in the soundscapes that coincide with frenetic solos as they blaze through the complex time signatures. Each single on the album is a feat of ingenuity, but none more so than the standout single, Battle. The slightly lo-fi feel to the single gives Battle a punky garage rock edge that is cutting, to say the least.

You can check out Mar’s debut album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Icelandic alt-rock 5-piece Atomic Annie orchestrated a sonically frenetic hit with ‘What If?’

Atomic Annie’s latest scuzzed-up alt-rock track, ‘What If?’ matches the fervent chaos of Rage Against the Machine and exudes all of the salacious appeal of The Velvet Underground. The Icelandic 5-piece’s sonic twist on hard rock is easily one of the best Independent rock releases of 2021; the energy is enough to take the soundscape off this stratosphere.

With the level of sex appeal cranked up to 11 to match the dial on the over-driven fuzzy guitars that sear through arresting solos that make Slash sound sedate, this fuzz-rock anthem deserves to go viral.

Atomic Annie is clearly one of the most promising up and coming alt-rock outfits contributing to the airwaves in 2021. They’ve got the talent and finesse to appease the classic rock snobs and a veraciously eclectic feel to draw in any fans of that unparalleled feeling of hearing a sound for the first time and being welcomed to a brand-new tumultuous aural world.

Check out Atomic Annie on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

X Wire fan the flames with their politically-charged alt-rock hit ‘World on Fire’

Imagine a world where Rage Against the Machine never existed; it would suck. No one would know how sweet it feels to be adrenalized by being surrounded by strangers all venting their relatable socio-politically inspired angst in a mosh pit. It’s also unlikely that we’d get to hear tracks such as ‘World on Fire’ by the up and coming alt-rock powerhouse, X Wire.

A sequence of depressing news broadcasts serves as the prelude and introduces over-driven guitars, growling bass and Bryce Kelley’s soaring hard rock vocals that are accessible from the first note. X Wire swerved every cliché and established themselves as one to watch. If World on Fire was judged on the guitar solo alone, I do not doubt that X Wire would quickly climb the charts. At the age of 17-years-old, Liam Eastwood already boasts a distinctively original guitar style.

World on Fire is available on apple music, or you can check out the official music video which premiered on November 4th 2020 via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Phantom Electric deliver protest punk catharsis with “Modern Culture”

Rage Against the Machine may be consistently be heralded as the ultimate political Alt-Rock act, but the visceral aural empowerment which stems from Phantom Electric’s single “Modern Culture” is just as adrenalizing.

Expect broiling buzzsaw riffs, frenetically super-charged drums and a growlingly ominous bassline which demands that Modern Culture is blasted at max volume for the ultimate hit of protest punk catharsis.

Feel the furore in the sonically tight arrangement which throws plenty of virtuosic tumultuous breakdowns your way in between the massive choruses which will undoubtedly be a hit with any fans of Deftones, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Nine Inch Nails.

Modern Culture hits so hard it might just knock some sense into the Alt-Right. The Atlanta-based act who made their debut in 2013 isn’t just one to watch, they’re one to get behind.

You can check out Modern Culture which dropped as a double A-side release with “Lie”, which also attacks the state of America’s increasingly fragile socio-political atmosphere via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Under Stolen Skies Have Made Their Debut with the Super-Charged Unifying Punk Rock Hit “State of I”

Under Stolen Skies

Punk angst and poetic poignancy sit hand in hand in up and coming Alt Rock artist Under Stolen Skies’ debut single “State of I”.

Any fans of Rage Against the Machine’s high-octane all-consuming energy will definitely appreciate the experimentally absorbing Nu Metal single. And yes, the single comes with the Morello-style improvised intricate guitar breakdowns which will make your synapses feel suitably rearranged.

Reminiscences aside, Under Stolen Skies’ sound could never have been born through mere assimilation. The urgency, the authenticity, and the sheer performative conviction well and truly put them in a league of their own.

The Canadian artist has been firmly affixed to our radar after hearing State of I, you’ll undoubtedly follow suit once you get a taste of just how fresh their sound is.

You can check out Under Stolen Skies super-charged debut single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Crisis King – Tonight – If You Thought That Extreme Music Could Not Be Eclectic, Think Again!

Crisis King is an artist with a fondness for hard-hitting metal, post-hardcore and industrial tones. His recent studio work, Tonight, is an EP that features 6 original songs. The artist’s music explores genres as diverse as hardcore, industrial, new-metal and more, going for an eclectic, yet direct sound. Opening number, “Die Easy”, is an extremely powerful wall of sound that feels like a stampede of vikings, crushing and burning everything in their path. The song has powerful drums and loud guitar riffs that are down-tuned and aggressive, perfectly matching the vocals.

The dark lyrical themes on the songs of the EP are also a great match with the album’s production aesthetics, but there is also room for melodies here and there.

“The Tides” highlights the group’s most melodic side, yet it still features hard-hitting drums, loud guitar walls and serendipitous changes. Throughout the span of these 6 tracks, Crisis King really stand out for the diverse approach they are able to bring to the table, exploring different sides of their musicianship and offering up an EP that feels eclectic, yet extremely direct, just as you would expect from a band such as Crisis King!