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A&R Factory Present: Leena Ojala

‘Poison Words’ is a call to arms for anyone who has been a victim of verbal abuse in some form or another.

Leena says of the track;

“Poison Words is a song about people who think it’s ok to verbally abuse someone close to you, apologise afterwards and then act like nothing happened. No, it’s not ok. Explaining that ‘I didn’t mean it’ and being ‘in a bad mood’ doesn’t cut it, the damage is done.”

Leena‘s recent video for Little Place (produced with Benbrick (Troye Sivan)) has received an astounding 35,000 plays in under a month, and Poison Words once again confirms that Leena‘s unique vocal capabilities and production techniques are a force to be reckoned with.
Leena was born in Germany to a Finnish father and English mother; her early years were spent in Germany, Hong Kong and Essex before Leena found herself in London aged 17. Influenced by the likes of London Grammar, Rae Morris and Florence and the Machine, Leena – an obsessive about her music – took her time experimenting with her sound, honing and tweaking. She was in no hurry. She knew what she was after.

Leena went to Berlin – a city renowned for its anarchic creativity – and spent months absorbing all it had to offer, using that as inspiration in her music and her lyrics. A final stint in a studio back in London, reworking bits here and there and she knew she’d finally nailed her sound. ‘EP1’ released in November 2015 was her first offering.

She now plans to release a single once a month until the end of the year. There are also plans for a second EP.