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Jay Vinci seduces on new R&B track ‘Late Nights’

Those gloomy nights are over thanks to Jay Vinci on his new song ‘Late Nights‘.

Hailing from Canada, Jason Collins better known as Jay Vinci, is an up and coming emcee and singer, with a penchant for writing infectious music and relatable narratives. Jay Vinci is greatly inspired by real life drawing inspiration from personal experiences and hardships which allows him to invoke strong emotions in people and also greatly influences him as an artist and make quality music.

Jay Vinci’s music journey began when he learnt about Hip Hop in 2010 and started to pursue his burning passion for the craft ever since. The bug bit real bad and the rest is history.

Jason Collin’s stage name Jay Vinci comes from Vinci, an island name for St. Vincent. Jay is an urban name for Jason.

The inspiration for his song ‘Late Nights‘ came from when he went to his local club in Edmonton. He kept on seeing a girl that was his crush. One day, he went over to talk to her, and that night inspired him to write ‘Late Nights‘ when he was 27 years old. He recorded ‘Late Nights‘ in Edmonton. When he’s not writing music or recording, he works as an apprentice Electrician.

Jay Vinci lights up the candles here and sets the standard on a higher level. This is a seductive song that is all about those late nights with that special person.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kentucky R&B artist Faif deals with more loss on well-received video ”Fallen Tears”

Kentucky’s 2019 R&B Artist of The Year, Faif has been gaining much momentum in the music industry in the US. Although the vibrant artist with a great voice is capable of writing hook packed, party jams, his latest single strikes a sad topic. He reminisces about lost friends, addressing them by name as he struggles to reconcile with his grief. Teaming up with Dantana Smith (cultivating_perception) Faif brings his fourth single produced by Siahonthebeats titled “Fallen Tears”.

This is a fantastic song laced with such sadness and Faif strides forward with so much purpose. The R&B artist sends a fabulous tribute to those that have lost their lives. He expresses the grief in such a classy way and must be applauded for such class during a troubling time.

Fallen Tears” is a moment of respect for the people in Faif’s life that have been sadly lost and this is a sad song with real meaning. It’s a mark to the man that he put this song out to celebrate their lives.

Stream the video here on YouTube.

Check out more from this R&B stud on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen