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Never Say Goodbye: Swedish country-rock band Quicker are the party we needed with ‘Let Us Rock’

After their July 2021 hit called ‘Ready Now‘ that had our hearts healing from the slumber, Quicker bounce majestically into top gear with their latest quality guitar strumming-with-delight single to have us rising up again on ‘Let Us Rock‘.

Sälen, Dalarna, West Sweden-based indie rock act Quicker, have a definite country lathering to their music as they entertain us with a gushing soundtrack, which has your feet tapping in delight.

Music, Love and life. Quicker is a project taking their influences from AOR and Country, with songs and lyrics sprung from experiences in every day life.” ~ Quicker

This is the story of when two people meet and quickly connect on the dance floor, as they smile sweetly and let the night unfold. There was so much sadness before, but things are better now and you both truly desire each other and don’t ever want to say goodbye.

With sensational vocals and a fine band who make you blush uncontrollably with all the lovely rock energy, this is a real gem that ups the temps with some gusto.

Let Us Rock‘ from Western Sweden village indie-rock/country act Quicker, is a joyful track that has us beaming like a bright light in the distance, as you see the party and run there. This is that sing-from-the-soul loving single which we needed, as everything will be alright again. Music truly can make everything better, away from the raging storms of before.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She’s A Dreamer: Swedish act Quicker feel so alive when they are with her on ‘Ready Now’

With her sweetly struck smile and that glowing energy which has your wide-open eyes sparking like New Years Eve fireworks into the night-lit sky above, Quicker pull on our heartstrings just right to open up up our curious minds to what indeed is possible with ‘Ready Now‘.

Quicker is an easy listening rock/country group from peaceful Sweden. They make that happy-vibe music vibration that has you thinking the world can be a better place, as their sound is rather genuine and so fun to listen to.

Music, Love and life. Quicker is a project taking their influences from AOR and Country, with songs and lyrics sprung from experiences in every day life.” – Quicker

With an enchanting voice that has you so relaxed and feeling great, everything seems to effortless for this wonderful music experience that has you so joyful and positive, after so much recent gloom and doom.

Ready Now‘ from the exciting Swedish indie-rock/country act Quicker, takes you to a place where you meet someone who seems to genuine and pure – your souls lock in tight like a seat-belt clicking and this could be it – as you gaze at each other and beam the biggest smile that is humanly possible. Sometimes you just know when you find that special soul, and it is usually in the last place you expect too.

Stream this flourishing new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You miss each other so much: Quicker sing exquisitely about the one that got away on ‘All Through the Night’ (ft. Emilia Gudmunds)

Quicker return with a lovely song about those sweet moments on their new single that will pull on your heartstrings called ‘All Through the Night‘ (ft. Emilia Gudmunds).

Dalarna. Sweden indie-country/rock band Quicker have been hard at work during this pandemic to finish up unrecorded music and the chance to work with their friend Emilia Gudmunds, was a moment that they all treasure greatly.

Her stunning voice is so touching after his strong vocals have set up the story about how things were so perfect and you stayed up all evening. Your bodies were so close as you got the know each other and everything seemed to be in slow motion. The world seemed so small and happy for those romantic moments and you never through they would end. Sadly, you grew apart and just like life sometimes, its suddenly over and you are left wondering why and what happened.

All Through the Night‘ has so many highlights. From the terrific guitar pieces that harmonize the melodies to get your heart beating, to the catchy chorus that makes you reminisce about past relationships that were so memorable and you miss that special human, who you fell so deeply in love with. Breakups are so hard but if it ends amicably, at least you can possibly have a friendship that isn’t awkward. You were friends once after all.

You can’t go back to time so the best way to heal is to remember the best moments together and keep them stored away for only you; to see and hold on close.

Stream this sweet song on Spotify and find out more about this glorious group on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen