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Rising Leeds band Thysen smashes through our ceiling with their ‘Splinter’

With groovy riffs and an anthem-sounding style that is made for massive stadiums, Thysen unleashes their drum-snapping melodies to electrifying effect on their latest single to be totally enthralled by on ‘Splinter‘.

Thysen is a Leeds, UK-based indie post-shoegaze quartet who were making massive strides in the local scene before this horrific pandemic cruelly wiped out their progress.

Since entering the scene in 2019, they have been perfecting their unique blend of herbs and spices.” ~ Thysen

Sending us into a better state of mind with an exciting performance which shall get your head nodding in total delight, Thysen return with monumental display made with a robust tone and vocals which will have you listening closer.

Expect a range of sounds from melodic shoegaze to emo and stoner.” ~ Thysen

Splinter‘ from Leeds, UK-based post-shoegaze band Thysen, is a splendid single that will wash away all your doubts and shall thunder into your mentality like all the best songs do. They are a tight unit who have been developing their sound and seem ready for the next step – as they make that powerful music you can’t forget – that will get the who crowd completely enchanted into their message.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She’s Not Yours To Keep: Prodigious Swedish act Mata Kopa urges us to move on with ‘Go Buy the Sun’

Formally known Tellus Children when they first formed a few years ago, Mata Kopa show us their growing maturity on the strikingly real story about swiftly moving on when you are in a stagnant relationship which needs to end, so you can both be truly happy on ‘Go Buy the Sun‘.

Mata Kopa is a Gothenburg-born, Stockholm-based, indie garage-rock quartet. This sensational Swedish band bring an immaculate experience to the table on a groovy song, that gives you some inner perspective of the highest order.

After releasing their debut album and touring Sweden as well as different parts of Europe in 15’ and 16’, the project’s composers Miranda Raeder and Boris Grubesic have changed base to Stockholm, gone back to school, started new jobs, traveled and focused on writing new material.” ~ Mata Kopa

You feel like you are floating on a peaceful cloud above all the pollution of the world – on this terrific track which shows you how you really need to let go – for the betterment of your partner and yourself. Hanging on isn’t going to help at all, in fact it will only lead you astray as you try and fight love, which is such a natural process.

Go Buy the Sun‘ from the Swedish indie garage-rock band Mata Kopa, is a really terrific song that is one of the most enjoyable releases of this year so far. Their musicianship is top drawer quality and the soundscape rather world class – as you miss that special soul who you thought was perfect for you – when actually they were in your life to lead you into a new direction entirely.

Hear this new track on their Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen