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I Needs That Bag: QRome drops finance fueled new single No Romance Without

After last blasting truth into our curious ears with the hardcore statement Dum Broke Lame, QRome returns with a hugely energetic performance all about searching for a partner who shares the same vision on No Romance Without.

QRome aka QSharonne Cornwell is a Bronx, New York-based indie rapper, singer and student currently studying Mental Health in Clinical Psychology.

Taken off her hot 8-track release called Queen Theory, QRome swerves into the underground with lots of confidence and tightly twisted lyrics interwoven with vicious vocals to get behind. There is a raw element here which shows us her progression and that love of pushing through relevant topics most can truly relate to.

Racing through this rather superior effort which is made with heart and soul, QRome has dropped a memorable track to pulsate all ears with. This is an exceptional song which has been formed with grit and determination, as we find a spectacular thunderbolt to return blood levels to normal.

No Romance Without from the Bronx, New York-based indie rapper QRome is the kind of quick-fire soundtrack to finding that monetary finance to do anything you want. Sizzling with heat and taking us into this carefully written story, this is a rather superb track to play rather loud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hard To Tell: Bronx rapper QRome shoves the lazy losers out the way on Dum Broke Lame

Showing all the lame guys out there what is going to happen next, QRome spits the truth for so many who just can’t conceptualize how to treat a brave woman right on Dum Broke Lame.

QRome aka AVACADO Queen aka QSharonne Cornwell is a Bronx, NYC-based indie hip hop artist, singer and student who is currently studying Mental Health in Clinical Psychology.

Yu Really GOT These Dum Broke LAME A** NIG** OUT HERE MAN THIS is for MY LADIES RIGHT HERE LOL.” ~ QRome

Pulsating with so much raw energy which shall excite those who like it underground, QRome shakes off the needless negativity once and for all with a courageously potent performance to remember forever. This is hardcore rap for a reason. When you are tired of being messed around, this is the result of pent-up frustration.

Dum Broke Lame from the Bronx, NYC-based indie hip hop artist/singer QRome is a huge statement for anyone who needs to brush away something which shall not last. Rapped with honest abandon and loaded with so many edgy lines which shall get the blood flowing, this is a fantastic single to play on loud. This is for the ladies you see.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen