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Be Strong: Q-Starnes sees better days ahead on ‘You’re Enough’ (feat. Sherretta Ivey)

With a stirring lyrical delivery that tells it straight up, Q-Starnes gives valuable insight into his struggles that he overcame with a stronger mindset on ‘You’re Enough’ (feat. Sherretta Ivey).

Q-Starnes is a Monroe, North Carolina-born, Los Angeles, California-based conscious hip-hop artist who together with his cousin Randeezee who fuse their energies together as NHA, make that special spiritual type of music that has you swept up and taken to a special place full of meaning.

You feel his creative freedom running free – as we hear him inspire us all to stop being locked inside – as being outside with good souls who truly care about you, is the only way to live and be loved.

With a likable flow, you sense that this is a supremely talented emcee who is only just tapping into his full potential as he uses music to guide him to where he needs to be. Helping others through his enlightened lyrics is how he will be spending his days moving forward you feel.

You’re Enough(feat. Sherretta Ivey) from LA-based hip-hop artist Q-Starnes, is an honest message about reaching out to above if you need some guidance in this flashy fake buy-stuff-you-don’t-need world. Being alive is enough if you look for the positives and believe in yourself enough.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen