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Purple Corporation releases Blue Bird: Embracing their own revised Rock sound

Five-piece band Purple Corporation has recently released their latest single ‘Bluebird’, using their own unique Rock style, it’s a pretty spectacular piece.

Embracing the Rock and Roll through the clashing of the drums and the smooth guitar riffs, giving it this catchy melody that intertwines with the raspy vocals, parts tend to pick up the pace swiftly, as the instrumentation begins to get a bit more loud and crazy and the vocals begin to stretch to the high notes.

Then it comes down and the instrumentals are lowered, focusing on the slight tap on the drums and the incredible riffs on the guitar giving them their moment to shine, the pace gets slower and the vocals begin deeper, towards the end the drum solo takes the lead and overpowers every element, adding in a trumpet to the mix which was definitely a surprise.

Purple Corporation has created a piece that has so many different instruments coming together to create this lively and super entertaining melody, this one is a must!

Listen to Bluebird by Purple Corporation by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall