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Feeling like yourself again: Sara Lina is soulfully honest on her sensational second single ‘Ever Since You Left’

With a transfixing tone that fills your deepest soul with that special goodness just like a flick of the switch, Sara Lina is absolutely breathtaking on her latest single called ‘Ever Since You Left‘.

Sara Lina is a radiant r&b/soul singer-songwriter from Los Angeles in California. She sings consciously from within and makes that heart-stopping music that you feel so intensely, in every part of your mind, body and soul.

We are swept into this true story about how love hooks you like a catchy cigarette, only for it to end suddenly and you feel like you weren’t the same person during this time. After further introspection, you were unfairly led astray under a confusing spell that you had your brain in twisty knots for a while.

Her vibrant voice is such a spectacular listen as she breaks loose from this now-distant relationship, with a bounce in her step. The stunning vocals transmits an aura of moving on swiftly-while happily smashing his lonely guitar on the way out-as a sign that you don’t want any further memories of this traumatic experience, to ever sour your milk again.

Ever Since You Left‘ from special LA-based indie r&b/soul musician Sara Lina, is that dazzling beacon of light that gleams the darkness off this strange world, her sparkling voice is so incredibly alluring, that your battered heart stops for fleeting moments to replenish, as her stunningly pure delivery is such a welcome rarity that you can’t ever forget her.

That feeling of relief when a toxic relationship ends is one that you only know if you have truly been inside this messy dust storm. You feel like you wasted your time and can’t understand why you cared so much for an undesirable heart that you once naively wanted. The truth is, you have gone down this dizzying road to learn about yourself and now you know which path to take.

See this incredible video on YouTube, hear the audio on Spotify and see more on her exciting IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen