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Bryant Taylorr releases engaging single ‘Song to Song’

Bryant Taylorr managed to create a moody, yet catchy and engaging single with their recent studio release, “Song To Song” featuring Xanzanzan.

This song immediately opens up with a stunning atmosphere. The ambience is impeccable, and the atmospheres are wide and lush, making for a truly incredible production. The beats are dry and punchy, cutting through the ambience in a very beautiful way. One of the most striking things about this song is definitely the phenomenal chemistry existing between Bryant Taylorr and Xanzanzan. These voices fall in together in a perfect way, and whether they are harmonizing or going for solo breaks, it is absolutely outstanding. The song is also accompanied by a stunning music video that brings a lot of depth to the concept with some truly beautiful cinematography. The stunning visual aesthetics really match the experienced sound production, making for a unique multimedia experience for all senses.

Song to Song is a phenomenal single, where stunning grooves fall in seamlessly with memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics with a unique touch.


The Burst and Bloom release punchy single ‘Rush And Rescind’

The chemistry between these three Chicago friends is apparent in their music, the intricate weaves and close knit musical textures a clear reflection of their personal friendship. Anyone can get together and make music but there is something more integral, more natural, more honest that comes through when the music is the result of long term friendships rather than just a job to be done.

Musically they deliver an intense sonic punch, especially for a three-piece but their ability to hang hazy walls of sound on solid and aggressive backbeats is a joy to behold. Sitting somewhere between post-rock and cosmic Americana…. on steroids, they are difficult to pin down to a specific genre. But then again if you start giving the music cool labels, everyone will be trying to emulate them. Let’s just call it a new chapter of rock and roll and leave it at that.