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Malta rapper Rheez. holds no prisoners in his sophomore single, PTSD

After a successful debut, new wave rap artist and producer Rheez. boldly blazed in with his sophomore single PTSD. If any track has the power to affirm just why so many people are losing their sanity lately, it’s this stormer of a grime and alt-hip hop cocktail.

The intro is an efficacious hook into the Malta-based artist’s candid track that holds no prisoners when picking out the most disparaging facets of our human existence. With lines such as “dad on the phone saying son they can’t clone you” and “Shout out to the internet champions, TikTok is your only throne” put up against each other, Rheez. tears through our obsession with superficiality and tendency to turn a blind eye to the real issues.

Rheez. may claim that he is turning nothing into something with his music, making humility another attractive aspect of his artistic presence. But his willingness to hold humanity accountable and speak out so convictively on one of the most stigmatised conditions known to man makes him equally as important as any of the overhyped artists with vacuous premises for their tracks.

PTSD was officially released on May 6th; you can check it out for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Those Scary Days: Dublin artist Guilherme shows us inside his mind on ‘Demon’ (Part II: Panic)

Taken off his solo five-track EP effort called ‘Demon‘, in which he explores various mental health topics that he has battled with in the past, Guilherme is at his honest best on ‘Demon’ (Part II: Panic).

Guilherme is a Brazilian-born indie singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist of the rock band Mary Bleeds, who is now based in peaceful Ireland. He makes a sterling blend of striking stories which has you thinking much deeper than before, about various issues that can take you down an undesirable road at times.

Demon” is a collection of pieces for voice and piano about Guilherme’s experiences with depression, paranoia, PTSD and traits of bipolar disorder. A meditation on the thoughts and feelings of someone who‘s going through a period of hopelessness and confusion.” ~ Guilherme

With a soul stirring voice that has you totally wrapped into the experience, you feel like this is a man giving his heart and soul to us on each second. Growing up has been tough to say the least and this is his therapy, his voice shows you this dark tunnels of doubt, as the lyrics tell you what its been like all those years.

Being able to perform his music has certainly helped, as he pieces everything together – so that he may make his life puzzle to work out where he needs to go – in order to find that true contentment treasure.

Initially insecure about his abilities, Guilherme kept his music to himself until his early 20’s when he found the courage to share it with other musicians. Although all his early work was in his native Portuguese, as a writer he loved the cadence and phonetical textures of English. He moved to Ireland to immerse himself in the language and never looked back.” ~ Guilherme

Demon(Part II: Panic) from the Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter Guilherme, is a haunting single with visuals that may shock many. He has bravely let us into his mind to show you the scars and torture he has felt whilst growing up. Luckily through his art, he is able to express himself and not feel judged so that he may set himself free, to be happy and feel peace inside his burning heart.

Helping others deal with their own issues is his goal, and this has been achieved on a grand scale that must be applauded for its ultimate courageousness.

Stream this new emotional music video on YouTube and see more via his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen