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Psycho Ex-Boyfriend

Joonas slices his way into our vision with striking music video, ‘Psycho Ex-Boyfriend’

Feeling the wrath of disappointment after a former flame did something rather harsh and without warning, Joonas shows us the result that has had unintended consequences with the knife-filled video, ‘Psycho Ex-Boyfriend‘.

Joonas is a London, UK-based, Norwegian-born indie-pop singer-songwriter, music producer and trained artist who made this song with his team from England and the USA.

It was written in a moment of insanity caused by being isolated in the mountains of Norway and reflects upon how far you’d go for someone you love.” ~ Joonas

With a formidable glint in his eye that shows you all you need to know about this troubling situation, Joonas lets us know he is in no mood to be let down any further and is in top form with a hair-raising effort to turn up with intrigued intent.

Growing up, he always found himself as the odd one out in his friend groups, but after a long time discovered that this was his greatest strength. Through his music he wants to take you on a journey through the parts of life that we might not be able to see, the parts of life that borders to the realm of fantasy, but still the parts of life we all need to escape to sometimes.” ~ Joonas

Psycho Ex-Boyfriend‘ from London, UK-based, Norwegian-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer Joonas will be a real flash point for anyone who has stared inside the soul of their ex. He sings with a mighty passion that was fueled by being played for a fool, when he knew that this could happen. Never content for being in second place, this is an appealing release from an artist who sings with a hugely memorable style that is rather spellbinding.

Check out this expressive music video on YouTube and see more news on his IG.

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