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Open The Portal: Winnipeg-based hip-hop artist Nasir Jr locks into the maze with ‘Code’ (feat. Sai Ra)

Taken off his well-received new 6-track album called ‘Love, Hate, & Psychedelics‘, Nasir Jr guides us away from the sewage-filled world of today and leads us into a much better place to live on ‘Code(feat. Sai Ra).

Nasir Jr is a Winnipeg, Canada-based, southern Nigeria-born indie afro hip-hop solo artist and actor who makes a mood-boosting blend of mind-bending music that takes your intrigued thoughts for a riveting ride.

What started as an “escape from reality” in high school has turned into a fully-fledged career, one he hopes will “change the future generation with my words and mentor those that have a story similar to mine.” ~ Nasir Jr

Nasir Jr shows us his efficiently compelling experimental sound that could be the future arriving right now. He sounds wholeheartedly inspired – as it appears that he has just come back from another time – with all the answers for those who deserve to know.

Code(feat. Sai Ra) from the Winnipeg, Canada-based, southern Nigeria-born indie afro hip-hop solo artist and actor Nasir Jr, is a wild journey that accurately portrays the current world as we see it. There is so much variety on offer here and this is a uniquely-fascinating beat that will stun many, as there is so much to be excited about a track with so much to lather so smoothly into. This is the story about knowing that tomorrow is going to be okay if you work out the code to life – as staying emotionally positive with someone you trust – is all you actually need to be content.

Check out this top track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Big goals to achieve: Zingg rockets up the music ladder on ‘Psychedelics’

Swiss-born and London-based Zingg is a rising rapper who has that extra layer of confidence and competitiveness that sets him apart from most. With his laid back style and riveting lyrical delivery, he is a new school musician who adds some color to this dull year on ‘Psychedelics’.

Signed to London’s Red Rokket Management, this is a lyricist who has big dreams and even bigger goals. He has a Post Malone type of style and his influences include Drake and Travis Scott. His aim is to be on their level and on this single; his intentions are so clear with a visually stimulating track that satisfies immensely.

The swirling whirlpool type of start soon brings us to hear his flow and this is a driving force of energy that is curiously catchy. The fishbowl of musicians that are trapped is vast but you get the feeling that he is on a team that have an ear for talent that succeeds. You soon start to sway your head around as he ventures out with his vast vocal ability that you turn up to hear each word.

This is a story of that crush that wants to be with you so bad but you are taking things slow, careful not to fall in love too quickly. You have been together before and things turned hot but you don’t want to get burnt so are keeping the cold water on for now.

The London to Basel time-traveler Zingg could be the voice of the future as he makes each verse seem so effortless. He possesses that freshness that gives him that rare top shelf type of rap appeal on ‘Psychedelics’.

Head into this new wave here on Spotify and find out more via Insta or watch the music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen