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Searching dimensions: The incomparable Eric Clarke grabs our ‘Attention’ on pulsating psychedelic encounter

Eric Clarke brings forth to Earth his new single ‘Attention‘, which is taken off the debut album called ‘Now, Here‘.

New Hampshire, New England native Eric Clarke is a self-aware indie singer-songwriter/emcee, producer and authentic soul with a unique story to tell us mere mortals. His entrancing music is the type of transfixing experience that you can’t put your finger on as it hasn’t existed yet- until now.

The pulsating psychedelic production gives you chilling goosebumps right away and you shiver for a few seconds while wrapped into his enthralling music video. You feel the sonic energy transform the insides of your soul as you can’t stop watching- even for a second.

His spellbinding style is one that is so fascinating and at times his deep voice gets you to lock in so tight, you might get crushed with thinking too much about what this is all about. This is a mesmerizing song- full of intrigue and mystery- this is a musician that you can’t put into any box as has made made his own.

Attention‘ from the gifted New Hampshire artist Eric Clarke¬†is a song that you will either love or hate, his catchy single is loaded with out-of-this-world lyrics and the beat might scare you a bit.

The whole point of music is to innovate and this is a welcome music experience that you won’t forget quickly. He certainly has our attention.

See this supremely gifted artist in action via YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen