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Australia-based electronic house duo Mass Experience return with their latest sizzler, ‘Pleasure and Purge’

After sending our vibrations racing uncontrollably with their previous single ‘Visions‘, Mass Experience is at their electrically vaulted radiant best on their latest single, ‘Pleasure and Purge‘.

Mass Experience is a sensationally stimulating Sydney, Australia-based electronic house duo that has recently signed an incredible multi-album deal with Universal Music Group, InGrooves, and WorldSound.

Pairing early 90s rave, indie-electronica and 60s inspired psychedelia, Mass Experience comes out of a desire to keep people of all ages and backgrounds inspired.” ~ Mass Experience

Guiding us towards the light that shall clean your skin from all its contamination, Mass Experience is rather elegantly brilliant and shows us what a special sounding song really should feel like.

‘’The one thing that’s gotten me through the hardest moments of my life has been honesty. As dark as the purge of awfulness was, I stuck to the philosophy that all I could be was honest. I only took on creative work where I felt safe…whenever I release new music something amazing happens in my life, so I’m very excited to release this album ‘Pleasure And Purge’ because it has some beautiful healing tracks on it.” ~ Mass Experience

Pleasure and Purge‘ from Sydney, Australia-based electronic house duo Mass Experience is a spiritually enlightening track that shall fascinate the fantasy inside the deepest part of your soul, and take you into a whole new world. The vocals here are crisp and clean with fresh energies to lather into, with a breathtaking beat that might have you grasping for that asthma pump so you can carry on dancing all night.

Showing their illustrious supremacy yet again, this is a sensational song from Mass Experience to tell all your friends about.

Hear this top single on Spotify and see more on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alt-Hip Hop artist Kai Thursday steers us inside his psychedelics-loaded mind on ‘350blows’

With an astute harmonious pencil streaming deeply from his visionary mind and featuring a Dennis Rodman reference, Kai Thursday shows us that he is prepared for the next step as he dreams his way into that manifestation that he knows is possible on ‘350blows‘.

Kai Thursday is a Cape Town, South Africa/Canada-based indie neo-psychedelia alt-Hip hop artist, skateboarder and music producer.

The record is produced by longtime collaborator Hashi, formerly known as Andrew James. The music video for 350 Blows was shot, edited and directed by ingenious filmmaker, Jacob Webster.” ~ Kai Thursday

Showing us that he is headed in the right direction as he closes his eyes and visualizes where exactly he wishes to land when his intellect is back into reality after this important expedition, Kai Thursday might be one of the most fascinating artists on planet earth right now.

350 Blows is an immersive outlook on his day to days during spring of 2021, travelling across South Africa with his skate team. A day in the life of a creative twenty-two-year-old street-fashion aficionado, experimenting with psychedelics and finding inspiration in Spielberg classics.” ~ Kai Thursday

350blows‘ from Cape Town, South Africa/Canada-based indie neo-psychedelia alt-Hip hop artist/music producer Kai Thursday, is a highly innovative single from a sharp mind who is floating right now as he works out what is real and what isn’t. After seeing the world for what it is – this feels like a statement track that is opening up a whole new path – from an underground artist who wants that success so badly but will never sell his soul for the sake of his priceless art.

See his innovative new music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wait For The Rain: Isaac Diskin chases after that moment which will never ‘Fade’

With a glance-filled look back at something incredible that has sadly ended, Isaac Diskin returns with a reflective song full of stunning quality to truly experience on ‘Fade‘.

Isaac Diskin is a Miami, Florida-based indie psychedelia, folk and modern indie-rock artist, multi-instrumentalist and electrical engineering wizard.

His use of synthesizers and digitally manipulated sounds lend a hand in creating his distinctly modern sound while tipping his hat to past traditions.” ~ Isaac Diskin

Inspired by Radiohead, The Beatles and Neil Young, you feel his heartfelt ode to the past legends of yesteryear – as he blends in bluesy jazz elements that are so calm and loving – as each thoughtfully-written lyric takes you to a passage in time that we can all relate to.

Fade‘ from the Miami, Florida-based indie psychedelia rock act Isaac Diskin, is such a fine release from a classy musician who just seems to improve after each single. His superlative vocal ability perfectly captures the moment and you feel so compelled to lay back on your cozy sofa and close your eyes, as you remember when you were forced to leave something that was so wonderfully special.

Sometimes you just need to let the memory fade for a while, so that you may move onto the road that will heal you up splendidly.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

REPTIEL – Spirit Usher: High-Octane Psychedelia

The Planet of Progkp by REPTIEL

Just how Funk addled can a psychedelic revival track sound? San Francisco based collective REPTIEL has pushed the boundaries with their latest single Spirit Usher. The amount of fun that the band had whilst creating this track is palpable in each note. The rhythm comes alive under the funk and groove of the melodies which twist and turn, leading the sound away from what you’d come to expect from a Psychedelia band thanks to their progressive sensibility.

Whilst the vocals are minimal, there is plenty of emotion pouring through the instrumentals to carry you to a new plane of concordant astral bliss. It has to be said that I’m never usually down for concept albums, but REPTIEL have proven to be an exception to that rule with their planetary weaving orchestrations of Indie Prog Rock.

If you thought Pink Floyd was trippy, you’re in for an absolute treat with Spirit Usher which is just one of the tracks from REPTIEL’s latest album the Planet of Progkp.

You can check out REPTIEL’s latest single which was released on June 21st, 2018 via BandCamp now – prepare for a lucidly concordant mix of phantasma.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

THE INDICA GALLERY; Proving Liverpool is the UK’s Capital of Psychedelia

There simply aren’t any words for how the new track from THE INDICA GALLERY ‘Forever Loving You’ catches in your throat just with the first few heavily reverberated notes as they introduce one of the most evocative tracks I’ve heard in a long time.

The vocals have a faint reminiscence to Bowie, yet, it’s clear that THE INDICA GALLERY didn’t set out to assimilate the fallen icon’s sound. Around the vocals you can expect some blissfully decadent Psychedelic Shoegaze guitars, with plenty of fuzzy reverb to sink your teeth into. There are vey few tracks around as grounding, yet as uplifting as Forever Loving You which was created by a quintet of Liverpool based sensational Indie artists. Each note from the guitar pierces straight through you, as you listen to the tentatively timed drum rolls unfold creating a pretty god damn perfect concordant melody. It’s safe to say THE INDICA GALLERY will be joining my playlists alongside Bowie, Angel Olsen and the Beatles.

Head one over to Facebook where you can check out the INDICA GALLERY’S video to Forever Loving You. If you’re also lucky enough to live up North, stay tuned for their tour dates!

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Three P’s…Pop, Prog And Psychedelia

They say that if you remember the sixties you weren’t really there (maaan)! Well, now you don’t have to try to image what that era might have been like as GU-RU sounds exactly how I want the soundtrack to that decade to sound. But not the perky, hi-fashion, swinging sixties that has been so well documented in the media archives, this is the sound of the underground, the parallel line to the usual direction of travel. Asylum is the sound of 60’s psych making love to 70’s prog, the sound of one decade’s simplicity splicing with another complexity and the result is a wonderfully free wheeling piece of…well, psych-pop-prog?

This is the sound of being comatose on a Persian rug wrapped in a drug fug in the basement of a Ladbroke Grove squat in about 1966 or a Haight-Ashbury coffee shop in 1972. Or vice versa! The sounds are warm and exotic, psychedelic and full of otherness, they rub shoulders with the acid laced sound of  West Coast acts such as Love and Jefferson Airplane and wash over you like the musky smoke from a hookah pipe. And there’s flutes…when was the last time you heard a decent flute outside a Jethro Tull album?

Hawker Roam – The Wanderer: 60’s Psychedelia Mixed with Modern Euphoria

Before I even hit play on this track I knew it was going to sound spectacular, the track title subtly hints that you’re going to be taken on a journey, but what I couldn’t anticipate was just how spectacular that journey was going to be. The track is drenched in Psychedelic nostalgic sound, with a heavy domineering mix of acoustic and reverberated guitars that drop, swirl and dance over this truly transient Indie Blues Post-Progressive track.

The level of harmony achieved by Harker Roam in their debut track hits you as an empyreal dream that allows you to simply get lost in the angelic riffs that allow this track to transcend above the half-baked tracks that are floating around today. The Salt Lake City, Utah based band take their inspiration from bands such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Death Cab for Cutie, they promise to deliver a unique sonic experience through their sound, and they do more than deliver in their latest hit. There’s not many vocalists that I would put in the same league as Thom Yorke but Shawn Homer is definitely one of them.

You can check out The Wanderer for yourselves on iTunes using the link below:

For more music, head on over to the bands Facebook page:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Qualia Crosses Pop And Psychedelia With ‘Time Laughs’

While production has advanced in notable ways in recent memory, the art of composition is something that should never disappear from music making. Every now and then, we need a track that reminds us that a properly orchestrated series of layered tracks is all we really need for a classic to be born. Qualia wobbles through a fanciful trip of pop and psychedelia in a musical space that truly feels like anything can happen in the track Time Laughs. Boasting remarkable structural similarities to gentle giants of the music world like the Magnetic Fields, Time Laughs will get in your head to the point of lapses in memory and a feeling of unexplainable ease of self.

This track feels like a truly unique culmination of styles that vary from Latin percussion to random bits of bluesy guitar to pitchy soundscapes created by vocal wails that seem unnaturally expressive. These all somehow come together in a way that isn’t unnerving, nor is it perfectly together. This sort of detuned emotion is reminiscent of some Avant Gard titans that would make St. Vincent herself turn her head and smile at the pleasant motions of Qualia. Whatever spell is cast on those who listen to this track; you may wish to try it for yourself. If time indeed laughs, we may as well be in on the joke and laugh along.

-Paul Weyer