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Step Into The Sun: Próxima Parada urge us to look up and never behind on ’24 Brand-New Hours’

With a new message of healing, vulnerability and introspection, Próxima Parada are back with a song about living for the moment and forgetting the past few months ever existed on ‘24 Brand-New Hours‘.

San Luis Obispo, California-based indie soul four-piece Próxima Parada, make that hopeful music, that lifts you up and takes you to a happy place where you feel loved and welcome again. The new dawn is here.

With a vibe that has you dancing in your house, they bring delight to where there was anxiousness before. The story of looking to something new as we have been holding our breath for too long is so relevant and makes you think deeply. The world has been on pause but now is the time to step up and do what you need to do, so you can feel productive again.

24 Brand-New Hours‘ from California’s soulful Próxima Parada, is a look upwards to the sun away from doom and gloom, which has you thinking about what you can achieve with so little time. They bring us a joyful song full of that real groovy energy that has you smiling again, no matter what situation you find yourself in currently.

Today is a new opportunity so why not close the door of yesterday and open a new one which could lead to something fresh and exciting.

Stream this positive message on Soundcloud and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen