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Berlin’s KOLLISION rock out with speaker-busting force on Provinz

Provinz by Kollision

With a pulsating sound that smashes a hole in the window and gets the birds flying away rather quickly, KOLLISION is at their powerful best, with a truly awe-inspiring display on their new single, Provinz.

KOLLISION is a Berlin, Germany-based alternative rock/post-grunge duo who sing in both German and English and are inspired by legends such as Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots.

Right now we are enjoying ourselves playing shows after all lockdown restrictions have been finally lifted.” ~ KOLLISION telling us about their relief that live music is back

Shaking our ears and core alive like we haven’t felt for years, KOLLISION wreaks havoc with a forceful display that includes illuminated vocals, which will wake you up rather quickly. Loud and proud, fierce and brilliant, this is a band who might snap a few guitar strings as they belt out an anthem for those who love it heavy.

Provinz from the Berlin-based alternative rock/post-grunge duo KOLLISION is the type of single that we all needed to hear today. Sung in German and showing us they are a force to be reckoned with, as they powerfully guide us into a land that has a mosh pit ready for anyone who needs to forget all their worries away. Good music does that, you see.

Open up the windows and blare this loud on Bandcamp while scrolling through their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen